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Make-Up Tips to Suit Your Eye Shape

Make-Up Tips to Suit Your Eye Shape

The beauty of make-up is that the same product used in different ways can make every woman look fantastic – it’s all in the application. Knowing what suits your individual features is crucial to ensure your make-up works for you, enhancing your best bits and disguising the bits you least like. This is no truer than when it comes to the eyes, of which there are many shapes and sizes. Choose the category that best fits your eyes and follow the simple tips for fabulous looking peepers.

Makeup Tips for Your Eye Shape


Characterized by an upswept outer corner, many women with oval eyes wish to create the illusion of greater depth and size. The best way to achieve this is to use a dark liquid eyeliner to draw a bold sweep on the upper lid, defining the upswept outer corner. As poker-straight lashes are often a feature of almond eyelashes, invest in some great heated eyelash curlers and finish off with a generous coating of inky black mascara.


Being roughly the same height and width, those with round eyes often want to give the illusion that they are more almond shaped. Apply eye liner as close to your lashes as possible, avoiding the inner corners of your eyes. Start at the centre of your lower lashes and work your way outwards and line only three quarters of the way across your upper lashes. This way you draw attention to the outer edges, giving the appearance of wider eyes. For a more dramatic effect, create a subtle cat’s eye by flicking the line up and outward where the upper line meets the lower line in the outer corner.


Similar to almond shaped eyes but without the upward angle at the corner, those with oval shaped eyes often want to create a widening effect. Use a pearlescent, shimmery eye shadow to brighten the area and then line the upper lid from outside to inside corner, thickening it as it reaches the centre above the iris – this will give the illusion of a bigger, wider eye. You could also accentuate your oval shape with a sultry cat’s eye, as mentioned above.

Deep Set

To avoid your brows looking like they’re a hood over your eyes, you need to make your eyes seem as if they are further forwards in your face, giving a wider, brighter eyed look. Stick to light, bright shades of eye shadow and brush over the entire lid, including the inner corner, using a darker contour shade only at the outer crease. Liner should be kept thin, just enough to define your eye, and should be smudged slightly with an eye shadow sponge to soften the look.


To avoid looking sad and older than you actually are, first apply an under-eye concealer to counter any shadows the droopy shape creates. Stick to a neutral powder shadow on the lids to avoid the shadow settling into any lines, and a warmer tone on the crease to give your eyes definition. Applying the eye shadow in an oval shape on the lid and inner corner will give the illusion of height at the outer corner. When applying liner, stop before the outer corner.

As a beauty journalist and copywriter, Emily Buckley has written numerous health and beauty articles, including a number on behalf of Laser Sight, pioneers of laser eye surgery in Australia.

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