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Astara Mask Review

Astara Mask Review

Astara Masks are some of the best out there. Astara is smaller and lesser known company that has been around for quite some time. I have been using their facial masks for years and they are a brand that I have purchased repeatedly, which says a lot considering the number of cosmetic and skin care items that I test each year. Astara has several different products for differing skin types and conditions.

Astara Mask Review

astara review

Astara Violet Flame Enzyme Mask is an incredible enzyme mask. This is a clay mask that you can feel tingling as it goes to work at drawing the the gunk out of your pores. It is a good all around choice for deep pore cleaning and exfoliation, along with acne prevention. However, I do not recommend it for sensitive skin.

Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask is specialized for acne treatment. In many respects the mask is akin to the Violet Flame mask, but it is not quite as potent. I like it jsut fine, but prefer the heavy duty action that I get from the Violet Flame. I do also like to use this one on specific acne areas. You can put a bit on a spot at bedtime, let it draw out oil overnight and remove it in the morning.

Astara Green Papaya Nutrient Mask is much milder enzyme mask and is the best option for those with sensitive skin who still want a bit of enzymatic action.

Astara Golden Flame Hydration Mask is a nice, cool, and soothing gel mask that is great for use after stronger skin treatments of on irritated skin.

Overall, I really can’t say enough good things about this line of products. You can find them all at beauty.com and can try a sample pack of them from there as well in order to get a taste of each one.  Astara also makes a full line of other quality skin care items.

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