Try These Tricks and Hide Your Extra Fat Instantly

Try These Tricks and Hide Your Extra Fat Instantly

With the changing fashion and trends each and every one of us tends to look fab at any occasion. Those who are average or fat always dream of being slim and win the orchids as others do. But have you ever given thoughts that a simple eye on some areas can make you look slim? You too can win the orchids.

Tricks_to_Look_Slim-InstantlyThere are different ways to make yourself look though you have a heavy body. Avoid those light colours and go for darker shades. Darker shades help to hide that extra weight of your body. Go for those boat neck necklines with those 3/4th sleeves which give you a slimming effect on the upper part.

Strive for better pose than those lagging one. Always walk straight and carry that confidence in you which distract the people from your outfit to your face. To make your face look long and slim tie a high ponytail letting those flicks coming out from one side and not two.

Nobody knows you better than you when it comes to that makeup shade.  Try to know more about those contouring and highlighting makeup which can help you make your face look slim and eye catchy. Give your eyes a pointing liner that makes them look bigger than normal.

If you think that oversized clothes are going to help you hide your bulge than forget it. They would just add extra bulginess to your looks. If you are peared shaped go for those skin tight jeans. In addition to this don’t avoid your footwear, they also play an important role in helping you making slim.

Those who are facing belly bulge go for those waist fitting tights or jeans which end up just below your navel. This helps in making you look thinner and tall. Avoid wearing those horizontal stripped outfits which makes you look fat instead try out those vertical striped tops which helps you look taller.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your outfit and get ready with that slim look of yours.