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The 9 Best Fashion Accessories That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

The 9 Best Fashion Accessories That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

The best fashion accessories are those that stand the test of time. Fashion comes and goes, but style remains quite consistent over the years. The most popular, top accessories are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of ways, keeping a large portion of your wardrobe available for any event and situation. Slight twists on traditional accessories can keep your attire up to date without forcing you to replace everything when it all goes out of style in a year or two.

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The Top Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Own

(1) Black Heels – Whether you opt for stilettos or feel more comfortable in kitten heels, a pair of black heels goes with almost anything. They can take your little black dress to a new level of sexy or update your jean skirt for a casual night out. Take care when choosing, though, taking your height and personal style into account.

(2) Sleek Belt – Flashy and heavy belts go in and out of fashion, but a sleek belt is a style necessity. While it’s nice to have a variety of belts – from jingly, necklace-inspired pieces to rivets and heavy buckles – a plain black or brown belt will provide an air of crisp organization to outfits that need it.

(3) Jacket – A jacket in a neutral cut can be dressed up or down. The same jacket that serves as a casual cover on a cool night can go to the office or out on the town with the addition of a nice scarf or glitzy brooch. You don’t have to be stuck with a single style, either. If you enjoy longer jackets or cropped cuts, go for the variety that fits your taste and body shape best.

(4) Solitaire Necklace – A solitaire necklace is a simple piece of jewelry that can be just as elegant or casual as you need it to be. While these are traditionally a single diamond, modern style no longer dictates this. Solitaires are available in pearls, amethysts, rubies – any gem that you prefer.

(5) Clutch Purse – A small clutch purse is perfect for dates and nights out with friends, and it can be as plain or decorative as you want it to be. When you don’t want to carry a purse full of girly paraphernalia, a clutch can hold just the necessities. This helps to avoid being dragged down by a heavy purse when you need to go out baggage-free.

(6) Thigh High Stockings -Thigh highs can make you feel sexy without revealing a thing. They’re just a bit more convenient for all-day wear, as well, rather than a pair of full tights or pantyhose. Whether you want to use the modern stockings that stay up by themselves or a lacey garter belt is your little secret.

(7) Hoop Earrings – Whether you enjoy more decorative earrings or simple lines, hoops come in hundreds of styles. You can find examples of hoops that are engraved with designs, dripping with gems, have shapes fixed inside their circles – virtually anything your stylish little heart desires. These have been around for decades and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, making them a great accessory staple.

(8) Scarves -A beautiful scarf, whether an exorbitant silk Hermès or a pretty discount piece, can serve many purposes in a wardrobe. You can wear it at your neck, cover your hair on a windy day, or accessorize a sleek suit with a feminine touch.

(9) Oversized Sunglasses – These don’t have to be restricted to the beach by any means. A pair of large shades can cover a multitude of sins. They can hide a sleepless night, conceal a hangover, or cover up a day off from your makeup routine.

Top Fashion Accessories Shopping Resources

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