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How to Organize and Simplify Your Cosmetics

How to Organize and Simplify Your Cosmetics

Getting ready in the morning for most people is chore number one in a long list of things to accomplish during the day.  Get up, shower, eat, and get out the door.  But how you start the day sets the mood for how you handle the rest of your day.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule, should something out of the ordinary occur, even so, starting the day in a positive way can better equip you to handle whatever you may encounter.  Therefore it is most important to take the first moments of each day enjoying and nurturing yourself. Regardless of your preferred routine, being prepared is the number one way to ease into your day. Preparing to go meals the night before and packing bags are great steps to take before going to bed.  Another way to get prepared, and probably the most important, is to be organized!  Digging through drawers in search of a lost item is a sure fire way to get stressed out.  This especially goes for your cosmetic drawer!  Simplify and organize, the number one way to take that 15 minute makeup application down to 10 minutes.

How To Organize And Simplify Your Cosmetics For A Happier Life

how to organize cosmetics train case

Get Rid of Old Items:

As with most things in life, having to many options requires us to think more deeply about what to choose as well as confuses us as to what may be the better choice.  The answer…get rid of unnecessary options.  Liquid items such as mascara and liquid eyeliner should be thrown out every 4-6 weeks.  Powders can have a life span of 2 years.  Pressed and loose setting powders are nice to have on hand.  If you have different shades for summer and winter then simply create separate spaces for winter and summer makeup, the same way you swap out your winter and summer wardrobe.

Throw away or give away (if it is powders) any makeup you have not worn in 6 months.  If you want to keep some shades for special occasions, then again find a different home for them that can be easily accessed when the need arises.  You do not need that holiday party red lipstick mixed in with the makeup you wear every day.  Choose two looks that you would wear on a regular basis and discard the rest.  Every day looks can be transitioned to a night look with a darker lip color or a darker eyeliner and shadow.  Remember streamline your options.

Sort Items By Function:

To physically organize your makeup drawer start by sorting every thing by function.  Eye shadows, foundations and concealers, bronzers, powders, and so on.  Then pick from those piles the items you wear the most.  Keep things like a concealer easily accessible even if you don’t wear it regularly.  Should you happen to need it, you will be glad it is easy to find.  Once your piles have been sorted through they should go into an organizer.  Caboodles are a girls best friend as this allows you to keep every thing separate and organized while still consolidating space.  Another option is a drawer organizer.  Visit your local home improvement store, Target, or Walmart.  These places usually carry drawer organizers regularly.  These may have an upfront investment but it is certainly worth while.

Makeup organization in a train case

Taking the time to organize your space, especially your cosmetic drawer will help to make your life easier.  Plus, think of how much room you will have in your bathroom once you get rid of all that makeup you have been hording.  Imagine a morning where you can stroll through your house and enjoy every moment before you face the outside world, all because you took the time to organize and simplify.  This can be your life!