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Seven Steps to Salon Perfect Hair Color

Seven Steps to Salon Perfect Hair Color

Many women enjoy changing up their hairstyles and hair colors to create a fresh new look, but may not enjoy paying the expensive prices charged by salons. By knowing about different types of home hair products and how to use them correctly, you can have the salon perfect hair without the expense. Whether just touching up existing hair colour or going for an entirely new look, the perfect colour can be achieved right from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Picking a Product

When colouring hair at home, it is important to know about the types of formulas available. Liquid hair colours are the most popular, but may drip and can be very messy. New, non-drip formulas are available to prevent hair colour from dripping on surfaces or onto the skin. Hair dyes that are available in mousse forms are popular and easy to use. The mousse is easily applied to hair, coating each strand for perfect coverage. Some hair colour products come with built in applicators that look similar to combs to ensure even coverage throughout the hair. Some hair colouring products may also be made for specific hair colours or hair types. For those who need gray hair coverage, dyes are available that easily conceal gray hairs. It is important to read the packaging of the product to determine the best product to use at home.
2. Evaluate Your Level of Expertise

For beginners, it is easier to go with slight changes over dramatic changes. For those who have never coloured their hair at home before, going a shade lighter or darker or adding highlights or low lights will help them get the hang of colouring their hair without a dramatic change. Once a person learns the basics of colouring their hair, they can go much further with their home hair colour, going several shades lighter or darker.

3. Choose the Level of Commitment
Home hair products last for different lengths of time. Permanent formulas are available for those who want a long term commitment with their new hair colour until it is recoloured or grows out. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent colours last for a number of weeks before washing out, great for those who want a new colour without being stuck with it. Temporary colours wash out in just a few washes, allowing a person to experiment with new colour before fully committing.


4. Preparing the Workspace
When dying hair, it is important to have an area set aside for this purpose. Make sure that all surfaces are covered, as well as protecting the skin with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to avoid staining from home hair colouring products. Since many products contain strong chemicals, the area should be well-ventilated.

5. Follow All Instructions
Before beginning the process of colouring the hair at home, a person should make sure that they have read the instructions completely through. Since hair dye is a chemical, it can cause serious damage to the hair, skin and eyes if used incorrectly. Knowing the instructions before beginning the process is mandatory, in case an allergic reaction occurs. All instructions, especially processing times, should be followed exactly for the best results.

6. Expect the Unexpected
When following the instructions, hair colour should come out beautifully. However, sometimes hair colour may be darker or lighter than expected, or all hair may not have been covered with dye, resulting in two-toned hair. By being aware of these situations and knowing how to handle them, panicking can be avoided. Hair that is too dark may lighten up after being washed. Hair that is too light may need correcting through using a toner to get the shade just right. For those who didn’t cover all of their hair, purchasing more of the product and enlisting the assistance of a friend will ensure that all hair gets coloured perfectly.

7. Taking Care of New Color
It is important to deep condition after coloring the hair. Since it is a chemical process, hair can become dry and damaged. Using a good deep conditioning treatment can prevent this from happening. Purchasing a color-friendly shampoo and conditioner can extend the life of new colour, letting it stay brilliant and beautiful for much longer. When following all of these steps, it is easy for anyone to get the salon beautiful hair color that they have always wanted, all at a fraction of the price.


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