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Body Piercing Tips – Five Things To Consider Before You Get Pierced

Body Piercing Tips – Five Things To Consider Before You Get Pierced

Getting a body piercing is becoming more and more popular. Lots of people are enjoying piercings of many types, and with the wide variety of body jewelry available, it is easy to see why. But before you run out and get a piercing there are things that you should consider. There are some drawbacks to piercings, and most of the time when someone has problem with a piercing it is simply because they didn’t think the process through first. In order to make sure that you love your piercing, learn a little about them and think it through before you make any decisions.

body piercing tips

Body Piercing Tips

(1) Allergies -The first thing that you should consider is whether you are allergic to any materials. Many people are allergic to nickel, a cheap metal that is used in many pieces of jewelry. Before you get a piercing you need to do everything you can to make sure that you are not allergic to the materials that are in the jewelry. An allergic reaction in a new piercing is bad news, and can lead to pain, infection, and taking the piercing out to allow it to heal. If you aren’t sure whether you have an allergy, play it safe by getting more expensive jewelry made from gold or titanium.

(2) Infections -Make sure that you are capable of keeping your piercing clean while it heals. If you have a job where you get dirty, you may be more susceptible to infections. Take this into account early on to avoid problems.

(3)Visibility -How visible is your piercing going to be? While you may think that a nose ring looks cool, you also need to think about the fact that people are going to stare at it, and not always in the nicest ways. Sometimes people seem to be surprised at the amount of attention a piercing gets, and if you think that this might make you uncomfortable, then maybe you should consider getting pierced somewhere more discreet. Also consider the visibility of any hole or scar should you later decide to get rid of the piercing or if you won’t always be wearing body jewelry.

(4) Social Stigma -Something else you need to take into consideration is what others will think about your piercing. While they are becoming more common, and people are generally more accepting of them than they used to be, sometimes they can still create problems with certain individuals or in certain settings. For example, facial piercings are still banned in most retail and service positions since they unsettle some people. Gauged ear piercings and visible piercings elsewhere are also frowned upon by many employers. If you work somewhere that wants you to look nice, you may find yourself with a problem if you get a piercing that everyone can see. Think about how people will perceive you and your work when you have a piercing. Also be sure to check on the rules and guidelines at work to make sure you aren’t inviting trouble.

(5) Comfort-As cool as you might think certain piercings might look, take a minute to consider if they will also be comfortable. Can you really stand having a stud through your nose or on your tongue? Will the body jewelry in other areas rub or catch on clothing?

By making sure that you think about things such as the above piercing tips, you reduce the chances of being unhappy with your piercing. If you prevent allergic reactions and infection and consider how people will treat you once you have a body piercing, you should be able to relax and enjoy your new adornment. Of course, if you realize that something like a lip or nose piercing isn’t right for you and your lifestyle, you could always get body jewelry somewhere else, such as your ears or bellybutton. Think your piercing choice through carefully, and then enjoy it!