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Know Your Breakfast Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

Know Your Breakfast Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

With the change in the life style of people, people are seen more prone to health consciousness. But sometimes though being health conscious we certainly forget about those small things that create a larger difference to your body. As said you should be having Breakfast as a king, Lunch like a prince and Dine like a pauper. Though keeping this thought in mind, we neglect those small things.

Let’s have a look on the same. As we all stick to a routine of having breakfast and that too that uneven one, we increase chances of weight gain by doing so. Never plunge on that fruit juices leaving those whole fruits. Whole fruits contain more fibre and makes feel fuller till long time. Juices do not contain only natural extracts but also contain those added sugar and permitted flavours.

No to Fruit Juice and Yes to Whole Fruits

Always remember your health goals whenever you are centered for a treat.  Avoid those heavy ounces of any eatable or drinks even though those are just juices. Avoid your baby breakfasts and take a proper breakfast with atleast 1 fruit included to it. Eating a fruit with a glass of water is equal to having a glass of juice.

Instead of going for those breads and toasts, try to go for those whole wheat bread or toasts, with homemade peanut butter and butter. This will help you to be fuller till long. Don’t get easily tempted to those breakfast treats which are full of calories.

Wheat Bread as a Healthy Breakfast

Try to avoid those sugary syrups with your pancakes. Also avoid those sugary pastries and muffins which we know are hardly irresistible. You can have a handful of Nuts, a bowl of cereal and a fruit instead of these sugary stuffs. Sugary stuff can crash your hunger soon.

Sugary Breakfast

Always make a note to keep an eye on your caffeine intake. Though it’s a stress relief remedy excess intake can cause sleep deprivation which leads to unhealthy situations. If you need to drink more than 1 cup of coffee than make sure you do it at particular interval of time and not together.

If you are taking your breakfast regularly don’t think of avoiding it at any cost. If you are in rush you can go for a quick breakfast which would include sprouts and a fruit. Avoiding your routine breakfast can make you feel uneasy and unenergetic. In rush carry some nuts or almonds which can help you feel full.

Bowl of Nuts, Oat Meal and Cereals

Never go for those really early morning breakfasts. Decide a particular or approximate time for having your breakfast. Don’t plunge on those morning breakfasts buffets filled with those mouth watering cupcakes, pancakes and those sugar coated pastries. Try to grab wheat toast, with some oat meal and half a banana.

Guys, it’s never late to make a change to gain a healthy living. So why not start it from now on and not forget to share your healthy breakfast dish with Us!!