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Cloth Baby Wipes

Cloth Baby Wipes

One good way to save money when you have a baby is to use cloth baby wipes and diapers. By reusing these items, you save by not buying disposables. Yes, it does mean more work in terms of laundry, but then again, the items are small and anyone with a baby will be doing lots of laundry anyway. If you are going to use cloth baby wipes, they also might as well be both functional and cute! You can see a good selection of wipes here at Amazon.  Below are some examples of what to look for.

Cloth baby wipes can be purely functional, like these plain white ones.

white cloth baby wipes

Or you can get wipes in cute pastel baby shades.
pastel cloth baby wipes

This is a really cute baby wipe storage container.
baby wipe storage contianer

I prefer cute patterns such as these.

cute bird pattern baby wipes

These cloth wipes have a classy look by combining white with just a touch of color.

classy cloth baby wipes

Look in specialty stores or on Etsy for homemade cloth baby wipes.
homemade cloth baby wipes

colorful cloth wipes

cute baby wipes

diy cloth baby wipes

If you sew, left over pieces of fabric can be made into cloth wipes.
sewing cloth baby wipes
infant wipes