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10 Tips For Storing Expensive Clothing

10 Tips For Storing Expensive Clothing

If you have expensive clothes that you want to wear for a lifetime, give them the care that they deserve. Expensive clothes are made using materials that require special care and storage, so make sure that you pay attention to these important tips.

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1- Dry clean your good clothes before putting them away for long-term storage. Even if your clothes look fine, there may be traces of sweat or debris on them that cause discoloration or wear even if they are packed away.

2- Store your clothes made from animal fiber in a cedar closet or a cedar chest. Moths are drawn to animal fibers like wool and silk, and they will lay eggs in the fabric. The aromatic oils in cedar keep moths away.

3- Store your furs in a cloth garment bag using a padded hanger. This helps prevent the pile of the fur from crushing. Similarly, never store your furs in direct sunlight.

4- Consider storing your furs with a business that specializes in fur storage. Inspect their storage facilities and make sure that the furs are not hung too closely together and that the facility itself is carefully climate controlled.

5- Store your hats in a hat box. The hat box should have 1 inch of clearance around the entire edge and from the top of the hat to the top of the box. A box helps your hat maintain its shape.

6- Store your expensive clothing in storage boxes that are meant for archival storage. These boxes are acid-free, and they will not cause staining on your clothing.

7- Further protect any clothes going into a storage box by wrapping them in layers of white tissue paper. This keeps your clothing from getting crushed and it also helps protect it from getting stained if something leaks into the box.

8- When storing expensive clothes of any sort, arrange to inspect them every few months. A small amount of inspection allows you to prevent small problems from turning into large problems. This also allows you to review your clothes and to sell or give away any items that you feel no longer suit you.

9- Store your clothes in a cool dry place. If you leave your expensive clothes near a heat source, you’ll find that they end up dry and crinkly.

10- Ventilate the storage area by leaving the door open on cool dry days. Air circulation keeps your clothes looking good while preventing mildew.

With just a few simple steps, you can easily extend the life of your luxury clothing and protect your investment at the same time.