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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Luxury Bathrobe

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Luxury Bathrobe

If you have ever spent the afternoon at a spa and wish you could take home that relaxed, “melt-away-your-stress-feeling, you can! Or at least, if you have a luxury bathrobe you can. The right luxury bathrobe, and one that has been made with high quality ingredients and light weight fabric can take you to a place of feeling elegant (no matter where you wear it) is the key.  We don’t all have the ability, resources or time to lounge around all afternoon in a spa environment. Although it may be tempting to indulge in an hour long swedish massage, mud bath or become immersed in lavender infused aromatherapy to clean out the stress in our daily lives, we can’t always get there. We can however, reap the benefits of a luxury bathrobe which can feel like true pampering after a long day at the office.

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If you don’t know where to start in purchasing that perfect luxury bathrobe, look no further than right here.  Acting as a guide to assist you in making your best and most informed decision on the bathrobe that fits your lifestyle and overall preferences the best, the following three points can guarantee you will find just what you’re looking for and with a price that’s just right.

1.      Material matters.  The first and most important thing to consider when finding your ideal luxury bathrobe is knowing the difference in fabric weight and consistency. As it’s true for many things in life, luxury bathrobes differ in not only how they feel but how they make you feel wearing them. Terry cloth robes tend to be quite heavy, especially when worn as a towel after getting out of the shower or hot tub. If you want a light weight material, it may be best to consider microfiber robes which feel and act like the silky smooth material they are.

2.      Size matters, too. While size may not be a key ingredient in all life choices you make, it does bear weight on your luxury bathrobe decision. If you are wearing your robe around the house as an accessory for total relaxation, don’t accept anyone who sells a ‘one size fits all’. Robes are meant to fit you and be as customized as possible. If you stop to think about it, people come in many shapes and sizes and a ‘one size fits all’ simply can’t work.  Although you may want to consider going a size larger than what you normally wear for comfort, you don’t want something so big you’re going to be swimming in.

3.      Purchase your robe from someone who cares. There are a lot of manufacturers out there that don’t quite care about making you happy, but instead about closing that sale. If you’re looking for a luxury bathrobe that you’ll use for years to come, pick from sellers who offer lots of sizes and colors and who have an easy hassle-free exchange policy.  Treat yourself to something elegant.  Choose carefully so that you can pamper