Interview with My Closet ‘N’ More Founder – Rati Soneja

Interview with My Closet ‘N’ More Founder – Rati Soneja

Recently, I got a chance to meet face to face with the founder of My Closet ‘N’ More. Very few of you are aware about My Closet ‘N’ More but I must say if you are a fashion follower and always looking for latest jewellery and apparels online then after reading this special interview, you will fall in love with her product range.

Here is my conversation with Rati.. Enjoy! 😀

Rati Soneja
Rati Soneja

Tell us about yourself and what made you to start My Closet ‘N’ More:

Rati Soneja: I am a person who believes in myself. I hail from Haridwar and am an Electronics graduate. I work with an international software company, do part time modelling and recently started with My Closet ‘N’ More.

I am a die-hard fan of online shopping myself and when I used to buy from different sites, I felt that either the prices are too high or the quality is too low. I felt that there will be others like me as well and that is when I thought about creating my own online shopping site which would provide affordable and accessible quality products.

Tell us about your product range:

Rati Soneja: We have apparels and accessories which include jewellery, bags, belts, watches etc and we are adding more and more products almost every week. Further jewellery includes necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings, body piercings etc.

What is best about your site:

Rati Soneja: Our 90% of the items are on discount already but whenever we offer any discounts, they will be over and above the discounted price. It even applies to clearance sale (which currently includes Avon and Oriflame products). Not only we provide you with what we think is in these days but we also give you the option to send us an email in case there is a dress of jewellery piece that you like and we will try our best to get it for you. Further I believe in being unique. So, most of the products are 1-2 pieces only so that everyone is not wearing the same stuff.

Tell us what to do to look best in this season:

Rati Soneja: I would say mix and match these products of My Closet ‘N’ More to your style

My Closet 'N' More Products
My Closet ‘N’ More Products

a) Buttoned Shoulder Tunic Dress
(SKU ID: EJYF0451)

b) Leopard Sequins Bag
(SKU ID: ORBK0345)

c) Flower Power Earrings
(SKU ID: WXEA6996)

d) Europe Vogue Triangle Necklace
(SKU ID: BBZN1037)

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