25 Beauty Tips To Try Right Now

25 Beauty Tips To Try Right Now

Looking to try something new? Take a look at this list of 25 Beauty tips, tricks, and looks to try. You never know when something new will be exactly what you have been looking for!

25 Beauty Tips

Top 25 Beauty Tips To Try Right Now

1. Eat foods that are high in iron, zinc, and vitamin A to promote healthy hair growth, leading to strong, silky hair. These nutrients can be found in eggs, meat, nuts, cheese, and spinach.

2. Use primer before you put on foundation. The primer will keep foundation looking fresh. It will also help conceal any facial flaws.

3. Try Mineral Makeup. While many people opt to use regular liquid foundation, powder mineral foundation works better for many skin types.

4. Use liquid eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner to achieve a more precise look.

5. Give pink a try. Light pink is a great color to use to highlight certain features. To emphasize eyebrows, use pink eyeliner. Pink blush can be used to define cheekbones.

6. Tone down the mascara. Brown mascara, not black, will give a more natural look that does not overpower the rest of a look.

7. Try a dramatic look. Pair red lips with dark, smoky eyes for a sleek nighttime look. Plump red lips are dramatic and leave a lingering impression.

8. Don’t skimp on the manicure. Add a base coat and top coat of clear nail polish when using colors. This prevents fading and chipping.

9. Pluck your brows. While shaping the eyebrows is difficult, it is also important. An eyebrow should start over the tear duct and end right above the outer edge of the lashes.

10. Maintain your brows. Pluck just a few eyebrow hairs a day to prevent over-plucking and swelling.

11. Use powder. Add a non-colored powder over the top of makeup to keep it looking fresh all day and to absorb oil . Plus, it’s easy to apply in the restroom.

12. Prime your eyes. Before applying eye shadow, add a little bit of foundation or eye primer to the eye lid. This will keep eye shadow from fading, smudging, or creasing.

13. Plump your lips with ease. Try adding peppermint extract to the lips to make them plump.

14. Add moisture over lipstick. Beeswax lip balm will keep lips from sticking, or apply a clear gloss.

15. Fake extra white teeth. Bronzer, which should be used sparingly, can make teeth appear whiter and eyes appear larger.

16. Keep hair from getting limp from oil. Use a large, rectangle brush to help distribute the oils evenly.

17. Use gel on your braids. It is a good idea to carry gel when wearing braids. When hairs begin to break lose, the gel will keep the hair from appearing uncontrolled.

18. Bring out the blue eyes. Women with blue eyes can benefit from using darker shades like purple, black, and gray. Browns will also accentuate blue eyes.

19. Keep your green eye green. Green eyes are best paired with colors like brown, purple, and deep green.

20. Pretty up brown eyes with metallic. Brown eyes look great when shadowed with bronze or gold.

21. Try a different eyeliner. While black remains a popular choice for eyeliner, purple and blue can give a subtle twist to make the eyes really pop.

22. Do something new with your hair. Straight hair day after day can become boring. Braiding hair before bedtime can result in loose, bouncy waves in the morning.

23. Add volume to flat hair. Flat hair can become luscious in a matter of 20 minutes by mixing egg and mayonnaise into the hair once a week.

24. Stand up straight. Posture can do much to improve appearance. Sitting up and walking straight gives an air of confidence.

25. Change your hair color. Sometimes all it takes is a dye job to revamp an old look. Winter is a great time to try a darker look, while summer is a good time to lighten hair.

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