Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

After trying many low end eye-shadow primers, I was about to give up on finding one that would deliver what it promised. I simply didn’t see a difference in how my eye-shadow looked or how long it lasted. I was told to give Urban Decay Primer Potion a try, but I was skeptical. After all, could there be that much of a difference between it and the products I’d already tried? In short, yes!

Urban Decay Primer Potion

The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging. The cutesy, genie-looking tube is inventive and fun. The soft-tipped wand picks up the perfect amount of product and feels gentle moving across the delicate eye-lid skin. Rather than feeling oily as it glides across the skin, the creamy consistency feels like it’s nourishing the skin while providing a somewhat tacky base for powders and pigments to grab on to. I noticed after several hours of wearing a darker shadow on my lids that it absolutely did not crease. Usually when I wear a dramatic look, I find myself having to touch it up throughout the day. With the Urban Decay Primer Potion my eye-shadow looked just as good at 5 p.m. as it did in the morning, right after I finished applying my make-up.

The one down-side to this product, for me, was the price. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a product that you don’t really see. After using this, however, I have changed my mind entirely. The amount of product you use is minimal, and you really are getting a lot of product in what appears to a be a tiny tube.
I’ve recently discovered that Urban Decay Primer Potion is now available in squeeze tube packaging, which means even more bang for your buck. While I love the soft-tip applicator of the original design, many people say that they favor a competitive brand over Urban Decay Primer Potion because they feel the squeeze tube enables them to get all the available product out of the packaging.

I truly feel like this product has made the most impact on my overall make-up look. Before using a good primer, my eye-shadow looked flat regardless of the high end shadows I was applying. With this primer, the pop of color I get, even with drugstore eye-shadows, is impressive. This product is a staple in my beauty bag and one I will make sure to replace even before the product runs dry!

Buy it at Sephora

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Urban Decay Is Better Than Ever

I have loved Urban Decay eye shadows ever since trying them for the first time a few years ago. The combination of punchy color intensity, product wear and price point is difficult to beat. Yet somehow, Urban Decay has outdone their own star product by releasing their new eye shadow formula.

Urban Decay Eye Shadows

The improved eye shadow has a creamier texture and retains that intense color payoff we love, with plenty of added benefits. It is easy to apply smoothly without getting powdery and with less glitter fallout, one of the most common complaints about the original product. It wears better than the original without eye primer and stays put without smudging or creasing. Urban Decay’s original eye shadow was already their best-selling product, but they made it better anyway.

The added ingredient of capric/caprylic triglyceride, or fractionated coconut oil, improves application, wear and color intensity, but it is also an excellent skin conditioner. This magic odorless shelf-stable oil has an indefinite shelf life and is used in many creams and skin products as a skin emollient. While Urban Decay has not been marketing this product as an eye shadow with skincare benefits, the ingredient is ideal for maintaining and improving the delicate skin of the eye area.

Some of the sheerer colors have greatly improved pigmentation in the new collection, including Asphyxia, my personal favorite. Some other great colors to try are Peace, X, Psychedelic Sister and Free Love. The new collection features a few fan favorites that have never been released as singles, such as Mushroom, AC/DC and YDK. The only downside is that some colors have been discontinued, including Lounge, Jones, El Dorado and Hot Pants. Urban Decay provided a chart to offer replacements for these and other shades, but it is just not the same.

The new formula is also available in Urban Decay’s latest palette releases, which is usually the best value. These include Naked 2, the Vice Palette, the 15th Anniversary Palette and the re-released Feminine, Dangerous and Fun palettes.

Urban Decay is a cruelty-free company that appears on PETA’s list and the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny list. The company meets the most stringent requirements for avoiding animal testing on their products and source ingredients that were tested on animals. Urban Decay is a favorite among animal lovers, activists, vegans and vegetarians.


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Urban Decay Vice Palette Review

I first became hooked on Urban Decay products after receiving one of their palettes as a gift. I quickly became hooked on the quality of the products. I have tried many luxury and department store-quality eye shadow palettes in the past, but none have given me the high impact color and staying power that Urban Decay eyeshadows have to offer. I really fell in love with the Urban Decay products, however, after I purchased the Vice palette.

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Urban Decay’s Vice palette features 20 of the hottest shades, from the glittering copper tones of “Penny Lane” to the tranquil turquoise of “Unhinged” and the soft glittery peach of “Provocateur.” The shades can compliment each other or stand alone in a sweep of color.

Each of the shades delivers saturated color that blends easily with the other eyeshadows, making professional-quality eye effects a snap. Whether you prefer bold and bright effects or a soft accent of color, the Urban Decay Vice palette can offer what you need. Sweep on a lot of color for dramatic effects or add a soft layer for a subtle look.
Best of all, even those who tend to be heavy-handed with their eyeshadow will find that a little of the Urban Decay eyeshadow goes a long way. You do not need to load this eyeshadow onto your eyelids to achieve a bold effect. As a result, the Vice palette will last you for months or even years if you care to keep eye makeup for that long.

The Vice Palette is housed in a durable plum-colored plastic casing with a jewel-like “UD” logo on the front. The casing features a push-button closure so it will not snap open when handled or even when dropped. The lid contains a large, sturdy polished metal mirror so you can fix your makeup even on the go.

A soft-bristled, double-ended brush is included in the case. The brush is useful for adding a high-intensity burst of color but because the bristles are very soft and not angles, I found it difficult to create shading or contour effects with it. If your brushes are an important part of your makeup application or if you prefer a softer look, you may want to use your own brush rather than this one.
If you appreciate bold and metallic colors, the Vice palette may be all that you need. The twenty colors can be used to create countless effects and looks. However, the colors also blend well with shades from other Urban Decay palettes, such as the Smoked palette, or either of the Naked palettes.

The Urban Decay Vice palette is not inexpensive. You will not find this palette for drug store prices. However, the quality of the product and the uniqueness of the colors will more than make up for the cost.

Buy Urban Decay Vice

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