Sonia Kashuk Sheer Lip Color and Plumping Glossy Tint.

Sonia Kashuk Sherr Lip Color and Gloss Duo I have a couple of new favorite lipstick shade, and best of all they each come with an attached gloss! My new love is Sonia Kashuk Sheer Lip Color and Plumping Glossy Tint in the shade Passion Fruit and the same item in the shade Paradise 01. See swatches below.

First off, the dual lipstick and gloss is a nice touch. It also, like most Sonia Kashuk items, comes in pretty packaging. I’m kinds of a sucker for that stuff.

The lipstick, as the name says, is sheer. Passion Fruit has a wonderful rose/berry tone to it, while Paradise 01 is more of a berry red. Both are nice to look at and are generally good quality for the price.

The gloss is also pretty good. It has nice shine, good tint, and is not sticky in any manner. It comes with a brush applicator, when I would rather have a sponge, but that is just a personal preference for me. The gloss is unscented and unflavored as far as I can tell. It says it is plumping in the name, but I did not notice any plumping indicators, not even the tingle that most give off. I view it as simply a decent matching gloss and that is good enough for me.

But the best part of this set is the color. I adore the shades. Below is a swatch of Passion Fruit. Also shown is a Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Blossomy Nude that I quite like. It will have is own post in the near future.

Sonia Kashuk Lipstick and Gloss Passion Fruit
Here is a swatch of Paradise 01. It looks more red in the tube than it does on the skin. On my lips, I found that it provided a nice sheer berry with a bit of red hue that was quite wearable for either day or evening. Often berry red is a bit overpowering for my pale skin, but not this one. I liked the sheer effect of it.

Sonia Kashuk Lipstick and gloss Paradise 01
Sonia Kashuk products are available at (linked above) or at Target stores. The swatches were taken in full sunlight.


Go Smile Smileceuticals Balm

“Smileceutical.” That is quite the word!

Equally interesting is the GO SMILE Smileceuticals Balm from the company that puts out specialty teeth whiting and tooth care products. This conditioning balm with retinol for long term treatment has a pretty good fan base.  The cool tone to it also should make the teeth appear whiter. Or so some say….

Personally, I kind of like the packaging, but $18, I haven’t quite wanted to try it yet.

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Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping

Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip ToppingRevlon lists its Sugar Sugar Lip Topping as a limited edition product, but it has been out for quite a long time now. I kept putting off trying it because it honestly seemed a bit silly to me, but I finally broke down and bought one in Sprinkled Pink.

The topping is interesting stuff. It really is just like shimmery colored sugar to put on over your gloss. I kind of liked the effect of it. It adds some texture and looks very unique. I would suggest it for a night out at the club. I think younger people would also particularly have fun with it.

My only real problem with the sugar topping was that it felt odd and I kept rubbing my lips together, which generally removed it pretty quick.  It also will not last at all through a drink or food, so be prepared to reapply often. But hey! If you want to goof off and try something unique and fun, this is something that could be of interest.

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