Urban Decay Lipstick

Urban Decay Lipstick Urban Decay has a uniquely packaged lipstick. The tube stands on end with the hilt of a little sword sticking out of the top.

The lipstick itself has a nicely creamy texture with a glossy finish and moisturizing feel. The shade that I tried, Midnight Cowboy, was quite sheer. Urban Decay includes Vitamins A, C, and E in the lipstick.

I like this one, mostly for the interesting look of the container, but also for the nice feel of the product.

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Laura Geller Lip Dream Creams Lip Palette

I love, love, love, my Laura Geller Lip Dream Creams Palette in Apricot (it also is available in Berry). This palette with four shades of thick, creamy color is describe by Laura Geller as “combining the coverage of a lipstick with the comfort and shine of a gloss.” It is an accurate description.

Laura Gellar Dream Creams Palette

The shades have a smooth texture and provide good coverage, similar to that of a medium sheer lipstick. But the product ultimately feels like a gloss and has some shine to it like a gloss. The shades also have a bit of metallic sheen that is rather unique and is very pretty. It is a great product! Wear it alone or over your favorite lipstick. The palette also comes with a very nice retractable brush.

Below are swatches of the shades from the Apricot Palette.

Laura Geller Dream Creams swatch

This one is a big favorite of mine, and adds to my current very favorable impression of Laura Geller cosmetics.

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Urban Decay Feisty Kitten Lip Palette

Looking for holiday gifts? Here is a unique one!


How cute is this? The Urban Decay Feisty Kitten Credit Card icon (above) contains six lip shades in a credit card type case, complete with a little brush. At only $10, it is a great budget gift. Although I might order this one just for myself!

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