Nivea Tinted Lip Balm

At some point in time I purchased a Nivea A Kiss of Flavor Passion Fruit Tinted Lip Care balm. Then I promptly forgot about it only to discover it the other day. Now, how I could overlook something as lovely as a passion fruit flavor balm, I’ll never know. That is a favorite flavor of mine, and it isn’t very common. On top of it, I like lightly tinted balms.


The Nivea tinted lip balm did not disappoint. The flavor is light, yet tasty, and the tint is quite nice. this one have a bright enough tint with a fair amount of pigment, so you can actually get some decent sheer color form it—something that many tinted balms fail at. Moisturization from the balm is decent. It isn’t best balm I have had and I had to reapply a bit more often than I prefer, but for the trade off of getting a nice tint and a favorite flavor, I really don’t mind.

Nivea tends to run between $2-3 and can be found at most drugstores.


Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain Swatch

Lip stain is all the rage right now. I always loved using Benetint on my lips, and Revlon’s roller ball version of Just Bitten rocked. Now it seems like pens are the in thing,, which with multiple companies marketing them.  I’ll be looking at Revlon’s Just Bitten Pen version pretty soon.

Maybelline has joined the fray with their own pen lip stain, Maybelline Color Sensational. Below is a swatch of the shade Feelin Rosy, which suits me pretty well.

Maybellione Lip Stain Swatch Feelin Rosy

Maybelline’s pen lip, stain fares much better than CoverGirl’s version for application and wear. It goes on pretty well, with the pen shape being nice for careful application,s and it stains quite well too. It also comes in multiple shades, which is nice. What it lacks, however, is the nice touch that Revlon gave to their new Just Bitten lip pen version, which is the addition of a built in balm. Lip stain needs to dry on the lips, and is not at all moisturizing, so applying a balm or gloss over it is a must.  Of course, carrying a balm or clear gloss is no big deal—I often have both, but having it built in is nice. I will be reviewing the Revlon stain soon.

Maybelline is available at all drugstores and big box stores.


NARS Lip Treatments and NARS 2010 Summer Collection

I had the pleasure of meeting with representatives of NARS Cosmetics last week and viewing the new NARS Summer Collection for 2010. Among the lip items were a set of NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatments which are wonderful little tinted lip balms.  These thin balms include sun protection and are made with Wild Mango Butter, Vitamin E, Polar Berries and Açai Oil. Texture is that of a medium balm. So it is buttery and lasts fairly well.

There are six shades—one clear and 5 tinted. The NARS Lip Treatment Balms are quite sheer, so they don’t all show well in my swatch below. However, they do build a bit, so if you get one of the highest tinted ones (such as Angelique), you will see more color from it. Swatches are below, but I lost track of which are which. Angelique is the brightest one to the right though.

NARs Lip treatments nars lip treament swatches

New lip shades for the Summer Collection include NARS Lip Gloss Coup de Coeur and NARS Lipstick Love Devotion.  The lipstick is a coral shade that is rather sheer. It can be built up for more color, but I prefer it on the sheer side. The gloss is a richer shade that pairs nicely with the lipstick to darken things up a bit.  NARS’ gloss tends to wear well and is not sticky.

NARS Love Devotion Lipstick 2010 nars love devotion lipstick swatch coup de couer swatch NARS Coup De Coeur Lip Gloss sumemr 2010 collection

For more on the NAR Summer collection, head on over to Beauty and Fashion Tech to see eye shadow and blush swatches and the new NARS multiple. I will also be reviewing the new NARS Multiple Tints and new primers there over the next week or two.

Note, this review is based in part on products provided to me by a representative of the company and contains affiliate links.

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