The Best Makeup For Teens

Teens have busy schedules filled with school, sports, homework, after-school jobs and busy social lives. Their non-stop days mean that teens need a variety of makeup options that can easily be applied and re-applied no matter what they are doing. A teen girl typically needs to carry items that fit inside her purse, backpack or pocket to carry at all times during any situation.

Makeup for Teens

teen makeup


The best daily foundation for teens depends on their skin type. A teen with oily skin should wear a powder-based foundation that will not further clog her pores or add to her acne problem. If she has dry skin, she should apply a moisturizer every morning and then wear a cream-based foundation. This will keep her skin from looking prematurely aged.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be difficult to learn at first, so a teen should start her eye-makeup regimen with only one shade of eye shadow to sweep across her lid. As she becomes more comfortable, a teen will be better at experimenting with different styles. Palettes of eye shadow are a great way to try a large range of shadow trends without needing to purchase individual items. Sephora makes a number of Sephora brand palettes that are affordable and full of great shades. Blending eye shadow is a great look for any occasion. This is done by combining complementary colors together over a base at the edge and crease of the eyelid. The highlight shade can also dip below the eye’s waterline as an eyeliner base.

Eye Liner

Eyeliner is worn by the majority of teens and finding the right type is easy. Soft kohl-based eyeliner is easier to maintain during the school day and rarely needs a touch-up, even after sports. For the weekend or evening, liquid eyeliner gives teens a sleek look and dries quickly.


Black mascara opens the eyes and makes them appear larger. It matches every eye makeup color theme and adds brightness to a girl’s eye color. Lengthening mascara is best for girls with curly or short eyelashes, while curling or definition-adding mascara is best for girls with eyelashes that are already long. For a more natural look, try brown mascara.Too many teens don’t stop to think about mascara care and hygiene. Mascara carries high levels of bacteria, especially when sitting in a backpack or purse at school. Mascara should not be worn for longer than four to five months before being discarded, and teens should never share mascara with each other.

Lip Color

Optimal lip color depends on a teen’s coloring. Fair-skinned teens should stay away from pink lipsticks and lip-glosses. Coral-based lip color is a better choice. Cooler purples and reds are well-matched with olive and dark skin. Medium red hues look the best on brunettes. Teens with thinner lips may want to try sheer or opaque glosses to add definition to their lips. Subtle lip-liner is another way to achieve a thicker shape, but should only be done in shades matching her natural lip color to avoid an outlined effect.

The teen years are the best time for a girl to find which colors and products will work best for her, and to learn how to alter trends and special looks to match her own unique style.

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