Shop MAC Kissable Lipcolour Swatches

For fun bright spring shades, look tot he Shop MAC collection! The new collection includes five kissable lipcolour shades and I have swatches of three of them.  MAC Kissable Lipcolour is a high pigment tube stain/color that wears pretty well. However it is admittedly a bit thicker than what I tend to prefer. I often go for more sheer shades. If you like the thick long wear types of tube color though, these are more likely to be up your alley.

Below are Scan-delicious, So Vain, and Enchantee.


MAC Kissable Lipcolour

And here are Shop MAC Kissable Lipcolour swatches of the three shades

SHOP MAC Kissable Lip Colour Swatches


As you can see they do have nice pigment to them.

Disclosure: this review is based on products that a representative of MAC gave to me.


Stila In The Garden Palette Swatches, Review, Photos

The Stila In the Garden Palette has just about all you need for spring to achieve either a pretty and natural look, or a spring look with a pop of color. The palette comes nicely packaged with 10 eye shadow shades and a coordinating eyeliner. I bought one to swatch and love it. Stila shadows are always quality and the shades in this set are perfect for spring.

Below are photos and swatches of my In The Garden Palette. The packaging is a thick cardboard case with the Stila logo.

Stila In the Garden Photo

Inside are ten shades for neutral and colorful looks that will work for either day or evening. Plus an eyeliner.

Stila In the Garden Palette

Here are swatches of the Stila In The Garden Palette. First up are swatches of the top row with the shades Chinois (matte creamy white), Breeze (shimmering beige), Bark (a particularly nice shimmering taupe and the photo doesn’t quite show how pretty it really is), Freesia (shimmery violet blue), and Rosette (metallic pink violet).

Stila In the Garden swatches

Next are swatches from the bottom row on In The Garden with the shades Nectar (neutral matte creamy beige-almost a perfect match for my skin tone, so it is a bit hard to see), Honey (metallic bronze gold), Sage (a gorgeous shimmering light green), Moss (dark olive/brown green with light shimmer), and Juniper (deep shimmer forest green).

Stila in the Garden Palette Swatches

This is a beautiful palette for spring that works well in other seasons too. It is limited edition, so get it before it is gone!

Buy it at

Buy it at


Cook MAC Tendertones Swatches and Review

I have long been a fan of MAC Tendertones, and the new Cook MAC collection for spring has four of them. Tendertones are SFP 15 sheer pot lip balms that give just a tiny hint of color. They feel great and are one of my absolute favorite pot balms. The entire collection also includes additional products, including some fun nail polish shades.




The Cook MAC tendertones from left to right consist of a Hot and Saucy (a pretty cherry red), Purring (tangerine with pearl), Tread Gently (described by MAC as lime green with yellow pearl, but it appears completely yellow), and Hush Hush (described as gold with pearl, but it appears more gold/tan).


Cook Mac Tendertones


Here are Cook MAC swatches of the four tendertones.


Cook MAC Tendertones Swatches

I love the cherry red, and the tangerine alone. The yellow would pair nicely over any lipstick to warm it up a bit and the tan would also look nice either alone or over a number of different lipstick shades.

Disclosure: This review is based on products provided by MAC.

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