Skin Medica TNS Lip Plumping System

Skinmedica TNS Lip Plumping SystemI love lip plumpers. Not so much because they work (they rarely do), but because I like the tingly feel! I recently tried the Skin Medica TNS Lip Plump System, which is a bit different as far as lip plumpers go.

The Skinmedica system consists of two parts. First is the lip renewal cream, which is a moisturizing gel/cream with agents to smooth, heal, and moisturize the skin. The product is in a click up tube. If you haven’t used one of these, they are pretty cool. You turn the bottom to click the product up through the top. In lip products, it gives nice delivery of gels, creams, and gloss. The lip renewal is tinted a very light pink and has a sort of strawberry taste to it. I didn’t dislike the taste, but I could have done without it. As for the conditioning properties of the lip renewal, they are quite good. I really like this stuff as a simple conditioning agent.

The lip plumper contains niacin as a plumping agent. This is another “click up” delivery system, but on the plumper, the product is clicked up into a brush. I didn’t notice as much tingling with this one as I have with others, and as usual, I didn’t notice any real plumping either. As far a lip plumpers go, there are others I like better. But I do really like the conditioning step of this set and recommend it for that alone.

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