How to Thrift Your Way to a New Look

Thrift stores are great places to find deals on high quality clothes.  If you’re trying to find a new look without spending a lot of money, follow these tips to learn more about shopping at thrift stores.

Thrift Shopping
If you’re like most people, you probably want to look great without spending a fortune.  This can be difficult to accomplish with the high price of buying new clothes.  Fortunately, shopping at thrift stores is a great option if you want to keep your look current and stylish while staying frugal.  Thrift stores often get a bad reputation, but if you know what to look for and how to shop, thrift stores can be a great source for all your clothing needs.

The most important part of effective thrift store shopping is setting and sticking to a budget.  Leave your credit and debit cards at home and only use cash so that you’re not tempted to overspend.  Many people have a tendency to buy more than they need at thrift stores because the stores are so inexpensive.  Buying things you don’t need because they’re cheap isn’t necessarily thrifty and if you’re not careful you can end up spending the same amount of money as you would in a regular store.

You should also make a plan when shopping at thrift stores.  Thrift stores are often overwhelming and have a lot of options.  Having a good idea of what you’re looking for will help you focus and make the trip a much quicker and easier experience.  On the other hand, you also need to be flexible.  If you go in to a thrift store looking for one thing and stumble upon something you’ve been looking for or anticipate needing, then buy it.   Just take a moment to decide if it’s something you actually need, otherwise you’ll end up with a closet cluttered with unworn clothes.

Although thrifting is a great way to find unique items, there are some items that you simply won’t be able to locate easily or find outside of major retailers. To keep your costs down and to offset your thrifting, keep a close eye out for closing down and High Street store sales. You can also find a wealth of sources on the internet offering unique discount codes and vouchers, which will enable you to pick up those hard to find must-have items at a reduced cost.

Many thrift stores have sale days, where everything is significantly marked down.  Make sure you know about these days and always try to stop by in case you see anything you need.  You will also find better deals if you visit your local thrift stores frequently.  Thrift stores are constantly adding new inventory and selling their current inventory.  Many people find it helpful to add stopping by their favorite thrift stores to their regular routine.

When shopping for clothes at a thrift store, it helps if you can identify high quality clothing.  Knowing about stitching and fabric types is helpful.  Well made clothing will last far longer than low quality clothing.  Fortunately, if you know what goes in to a well-made garment, you can get great deals on great clothes that last a long time.  Knowing which brands are popular or commonly considered to be good is also helpful when thrifting.

When shopping at thrift stores, it is important that you try things on.  Even if you get a great deal on something, it won’t help your look at all if it doesn’t fit.  Different brands have different size guidelines so just because it’s your size on the tag doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fit you.  Most thrift stores have dressing rooms where you can try on clothes.  If the store does not have dressing rooms available, try to wear clothes that are not too bulky so you can try clothes on over those to get an idea of fit.

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to find a new look for a low price.  Following all of these guidelines will help you look your best.

This article was written by Elena Price on behalf of Words-about-things

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Look and Feel Great on a Tight Budget with Online Coupons

As we all try to adapt to the volatile financial conditions of our times, many of us are making tough choices about the luxuries we choose to pay for. Fortunately, this does not mean forgoing the items that help you feel and look your best. If you know where to look, that is…


Given the fact that a little vanity can go a long way towards keeping your spirit up in tough times, many of us are now looking for different options that will still allow us to enjoy the benefits of looking good while maintaining a budget. Thankfully, the internet has paved the way for even the most discriminating of consumers to choose from an array of online coupons to meet their personal needs.

Online coupons allow consumers to take advantages of special discounts and promotions that are freely given by manufacturers to advertise their products. These printable coupons have also altered the way many of us view couponing. No more scouring the Sunday paper to snip and clip a few useful coupons, and changing your purchase choices based on what is cheapest that week. The internet now provides consumers the freedom to choose the products they want first, and then quickly find the best coupons to make them affordable.

Of the different shopping categories daily household needs account for the biggest share our monthly expenses after the mortgage/rent and utilities (sorry, no coupons for those yet). If you want your budget to go a long way while still enjoying some of life’s littlest luxuries, then here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Create a List of Products that you Need

The first step to searching for online coupons that can match your grooming needs is to first create a list of products and brands that you prefer to have. As these essentials are applied to the hair and skin, we all have specific preferences as to the brand we want. By creating a list, browsing for the perfect online deals becomes easier and more manageable.

Find Online Couponing Communities

The internet has dozens of coupon sites that are specifically created to market different coupons from an array of retailers, but they can be a big overload of options without many specifics on the products. Community generated websites like are homegrown resources filled with like-minded shoppers who share tips and success stories, so you not only find things like Secret deodorant and Crest Whitestrips coupons, you get background on the products and tips on how to double up and make the most of the coupons.

Visit Retailers’ Website

Major retailers today such as Wal-Mart and Target carry an impressive lineup of online coupons on their site. From deodorant to keep you smelling fresh all day to Organic shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair silky smooth, everything you need most likely has an online coupon. And, as they are posted by the retailers themselves, you are assured that they will be accepted at the counter.


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Shop the Holiday Collections at Holiday Makeup

Awhile back,  I created Holiday Makeup as a way to provide information and shopping links for the holiday makeup collections all in one place. If you visited when I first posted about it, there likely wasn’t much there, but now it is a full blown site.

On Holiday Makeup, you can browse limited edition collections by brand, view gifts by categories, and shop all from one location. So whether you are looking for holiday makeup for yourself or are shopping for others, stop by and take a look!

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