Your Guide to Leather Fashion

Classy and sophisticated – leather has always been a material that has been constantly gaining recognition in the fashion industry. The smooth feel, the elegant look and the charming balance that leather can give to your fashion statement are all factors that contribute it to being a part of our wardrobe in more ways than one. Leather has entered the line of clothing, accessories and footwearand left a mark on all three, making sure it remains unchallenged in the fashion industry. Your guide today will show you how leather has found its place in so many ways in your wardrobe and how every leather purchase is there to stay.

· Leather Bags

leather bag

Standard, sexy, durable and stunning, leather bags have a fashion statement that no other bag can complete with. The smooth folds in the fabric with the finish shine on the bag are designed specially to give you the iconic look of a fashion leader. The availability of every possible shade of leather in these bags can be one of the most striking features because you can easily have a bag to match every outfit and compliment every occasion in its own, unique way.

· Leather Pants

leather pants

Highlight your long legs with the slim fit of leather pants. The simple black remains the evergreen colour for these pants and is designed to give you a sleek and graceful look that jeans or trousers cannot match. Since their introduction in the market in 2008, leather pants and leggings have been a winter favourite for many women. Trickling down through the stores and shops, they are not available even in local markets and stalls to make sure every woman has a pair. The leather trends do not die out too easily and this one is here to stay.

· Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Strong and ready for a head on collision with a world, the leather jacket has a fashion statement that has been around for almost two decades. While a number of people, for many years stuck to the idea that leather jackets and motorcycles were the perfect combination, a number of women have agreed to step up and change this thinking by carrying off the look on a cold day to the mall or while shopping off the streets. The leather jacket does not fail to give the wearer a smart look, while still being able to define the perfect curves.

· Leather Dress

leather dress

Drape yourself in the leather goodness of these dresses. The long one piece reaching down to your knees is designed only to highlight those perfect curves and love handles. The hour glass figure never looked better in anything other than a black leather dress that will hold onto your body with a slim and smooth finish. Moving away from the headstrong image of the jacket, the dress is a subtle romantic mood setter, perfect for dinners and dates when looking good is the first and foremost thing for a woman. This is a winter must have for everyone.

· Leather Footwear

leather shoes

Grey, brown and black are the three most popular shades in leather footwear. From high rise boots to closed bellies, leather has always been a preferred material for making footwear for both men and women. Tassels, folds, embellishments etc., are all just a part of the package in which you will find your line of leather shoes. So pick up those classy boots to go with your jeans or the closed shoes to couple your skirt and walk your way into the fashion world where leather is ahead of the rest.

Leather is a fashion statement in itself, but it comes at a high cost. Durability is always a trusted factor with leather but even small repairs that need to be made can be costly. Buy your set of leather for your wardrobe and make sure you give your leather clothing and shoes the care they need, so they can give you the style icon look that you would want to have in turn.


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Flats To Rock This Spring

Looking good while remaining comfortable is one of the main reasons that flatter shoes have become a mainstay of women’s fashion in recent years. They look to set to stay, as each year we see the evolution of flats change and adapt to new trends and styles. No longer the domain of dowdy, glam-free girls, flats are not just acceptable but positively embraced by many style-conscious celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton. For spring 2012 there are a few new adaptations of flat shoes set to rock the season with a combination of comfort and class. From shiny brogues to the luxe loafer, there are various kinds of flats that will be hot this spring.


Brogues Go Brassy

Brogues have been fashionable for a while now, but this season’s brogues have taken a step ahead of the rest by going neon, glitzy, shiny and bright. Brogues, whether plain or colourful, are the thinking girl’s choice this spring. They work well with a bit of masculine tailoring and are a good way to be taken seriously at work. Why not add a touch of something different to your suit or smart outfit with some ultra-chic glitzy brogues?

Loaf About

Loafers are the perfect spring shoes and are here to stay. They are back this spring in a new range of luxe, leopard print and pure chintz. Great for days out, work or even spring evenings, the loafer offers the comfort of sandals or flip flops but is more stylish and much more suitable for a range of occasions. The loafer may have adapted to current trends, but there’s still a distinct nod to its lounge-lizard beginnings. These shoes look great in materials such as suede and with effects such as fringing. Another great meeting of the trends is the animal-print loafer – leopards, zebra or whatever you like. Go for print on print with a pair of plain, skinny trousers and an animal-print top.


This seasons hot colours are the pastels – think mint green, powder blues and yellow. The latest fashion shows have been displaying the loafer and the brogue in these colours. They look great when teamed with a pair of pastel-coloured skinny jeans and a shirt.


If you can’t live without a few extra inches of height, then flatforms are the way forward for you. Flat meets platform in this new style of shoe which can come as sandals, espadrilles or brogues. In fact, any flat style seems to have a flatform friend on the market. Flatforms are comfortable while giving a sense of femininity and they look great with seventies-chic flared trousers or ultra-short skirts. Flats are a great way to ease yourself into summer living and make the transition from winter boot to summer sandal. With such a wide range of flat styles to wear this season, it’s easy to find something for everyone. You can lounge in a loafer or go brassy in brogues. This spring girl power doesn’t need to come in a five-inch heel when you can just flounce in flats.

Zoe is an ardent blogger and freelance writer, and loves to share her knowledge on fashion and style through content on the internet. Tweet your thoughts on this article to @bloggingstyle.

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7 Dangerous Fashion Items

Fashion is a part of our lives. We all indulge in a number of practices to help enhance our looks and make us better fits into the society according to the styles and trends which have been most suitable. But have you ever considered how some of these items could actually be putting us in danger? Yes, you heard correct, this article highlights those fashion items which have found their way into our everyday lives but have been causing illness and discomfort to more people than one would have estimated. So read on and understand how your passion for fashion could just become your reason for ailment.

Fashion Items That May Harm You

1. Skinny Jeans:

skinny jeans have been a popular choice among men and women. But what most people have not yet understood are the ill effects of these jeans. While the “painted on” look is highly appreciated, a number of studies have shown that these do affect the digestive system. It has more commonly been called tight pant syndrome. These jeans have also been associated with lower back pains, yeast infections and lesions on the thighs. They might also cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica which has also been called tingling thigh syndrome because of the skin and nervous irritation is can cause.

skinney jeans

2. Heavy Hand Bags:

If you think your hand bag can be used as a carrier for all your basic needs, then you might want to reconsider having such heavy weights hang off your shoulder constantly. The ‘all equipped’ hand bag can be fashionable along with being handy but it can also be the reason for that still back and posture trouble you have been suffering from. It has been noted that very heavy hand bag have been the reason for a bad posture, muscle weakness in the back and it has been able to permanently alter the position and alignment of the backbone.


Heavy Handbag


3. High Heels

:you might be looking to give your height a little boost but that could be the reason for you to be bed ridden for a few weeks at a stretch. That’s correct, high heels could be the reason for a number of injuries to the foot like a sprained ankle, a broken toe, stress fractures and even bunions. Wedge heels would be better than stilettoes because they would give elevation not only to the back, but also to the front half of your foot. So while you might feel like you are flying high, make sure your feet are safely planted on the ground.


High Heels


4. Shape-wear and Pantyhose:

The sexy curves of your body would be beautifully highlight with your favourite shape-wear and your perfect legs would look elegant with your set of pantyhose but it could be the root cause of a yeast infection that you may have developed lately. Also, these fitted clothes can cause nerve compression, along with reducing oxygen and blood supply to parts of the body. Aside from aches that you might suffer because of these if you wear them for a few hours, wearing them regularly can cause irreversible damage.


Female legs


5. Accessories with Nickel:

Nickel allergies are a common problem with a number of people. Rashes, skin irritation and lesions are common symptoms of the same. One might think they do not have much to worry about since they have not suffered from the allergy since birth, but people can develop this allergy almost suddenly, even during adulthood. Thus accessories with even traces of nickel can cause harm to the skin around the accessory, causing a lot of discomfort and hot flushes in the affected area.


Nickle Bracelet

6. Cheap Jewellery

: Fake pearls, diamond rings and silver bracelets have been creeping into our dressing rooms and have fit themselves into a large chunk on our dresser. However it has been seen that these fake products carry very real harmful metals which can cause adverse effects to the wearer. Cadmium, lead and chromium have been widely found to be in the constituents of these articles and have been the main cause for a number of health defects the wearer has suffered, without being able to pinpoint the main cause. So before you walk into stores to buy “junk” jewellery, be warned it is junk in more ways than one.

Cheap Jewelry

7. Coloured Contacts:

Has the twilight series been your point of inspiration as well? Those coloured contacts have seen a boost in the market demand since the movies got launched but a number of wearers have been blissfully unaware of the effects it can have. It is important that you consult your doctor before you decide to wear coloured contacts because they are placed right above the eye and must be properly cleaned and disinfected before use. Without proper cleaning, you could sick dust or even pathogens finding their way into your eye. Also, contacts that are not properly fitted can lead to weaker vision and loss of the same.




Fashion statements may be the loudest these days, but they can also become the most dangerous ones. So before you walk out that door, spend a little more time in front of the dresser and make sure your clothing and accessories are going to respect your health and your body. Be healthy; be fashionable because beauty is natural, before commercial.


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