Sephora Brand Lip Primer Pen

Sephora Brand “Tricks of the Trade” Perfection Lip Primer is a unique product. Unlike other lip primers that tend to come as a balm or a cream, this one is more akin to a wax pen.

Sephora Lip Primer

Essentially a light waxy balm in pen form, the primer provides a pretty decent line filling base for the lips. I found that lipstick application was good after using it, and I thought it made the appearance of my lip color look smoother. However, I don’t know that it made the color last all that much longer. Regardless, I liked this product quite a bit, simply for the line filling aspect that I got from it.


Sephora Lip Attitude Chic Lipstick

Sephora Lip Attitude Lipstick Sephora Lip Attitude Chic is one of Sephora’s store brands of lipstick. I received a sample in my last order from them, which amused me. I love little lipstick samples, but they can be hard to find!

Anyway, the lipstick in enriched with botanical oils and omega 3. Taking fish oil for omega 3 is pretty good for you, but I’m not sure it really does much topically. In any event, it still is a very nice lipstick. The color is medium sheer and stays put fairly well. The oil also keeps it nicely moisturizing and comfortable. It also give the lipstick a bit of a shine. The shade I tried, Talented Berry, was a nice standard berry color that would be flattering on just about everyone.

So far, I have been rather happy with the Sephora brand items that I have tried. Considering that they cost less than many of the other items in the store and seem to be pretty good quality, I image that I will be trying more.

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