Sears Fashion Shopping Finds

At one time in my life, Sears was a regular shopping destination for its good selection of fashionable items at equally good prices. But over the years, my trips to Sears morphed into trips for things like household appliances or tires over fashion. So, it was rather fun recently to take a fashion shopping field trip down to the local Sears store to see what sort of outfit I could put together for around $75.

Sears is still doing quite a nice job in terms of providing fashionable items, both in terms of the latest trends and in terms of more classic items. For those who want to keep up with trends, the UK Style by French Connection collection and the Kardashian Kollection each has some nice items. Interestingly, I was not all that interested in the Kardashian Kollection when I first saw online photos from it, probably because what I initially saw were animal prints, and that just doesn’t mesh with my personal style. But when I saw the collection in person, I found myself leaning heavily toward it for items to try on.  It includes a number of pretty light gray items, a color I tend to prefer, and it also has a good number of basics that have interesting touches, such a cut outs on the sleeves, a lace backed shirt, rivets added to skirts and so on.

I picked up two outfits, one to feature here and another for Beauty and Fashion Tech. For the most part, the items I purchased were also on sale. The outfit below consists of A Kardashian Kollection skirt ($29.99), Kardashian Kollection shirt with interesting buckles at the shoulder ($24.99), and Apostrophe footless tights ($7.00), for a total of around $62. I then tossed in a bit of a splurge and added a necklace from the Kardashian Kollection ($19.60) on top of it.



Each item in this outfit will also work well with other clothing items I already own. For example the top can be paired easily with jeans, and the skirt would look nice with boots and just about any top. I could have just as easily worn the skirt without the tights as well. The items also match well with my purchases for Beauty and Fashion Tech, in part because I focused quite a bit on the Kardashian Kollection, which is a nicely cohesive collection that makes putting together outfits quite easy. The collection also includes a nice selection of lingerie, handbags, and shoes.

On the whole, it was rather fun to go rediscover Sears. I am quite sure I will return to shopping for fashion there much more often, which is certainly more fun than cruising the appliance section! If you haven’t seen what Sears has to offer lately and want some fashion bargains, drop in and take a look. I think you will be happy with what you find.

Disclosures: I was provided a Sears gift card through Glam Media in order to complete the purchases for this post. No monetary compensation was provided by Sears or Glam Media for this post. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sears

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