New Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shimmer and Shine

Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip ShineIt seems like I am writing an awful lot about Sally Hansen lately. I think in part it is because the company is coming out with a number lip products and I had not tried many of them before.

Two of the new items are the nearly all natural Sally Hansen Natural Lip Butter Shimmer and the Natural Butter Lip Shine. The Shimmer is a thin balm-like stick, that reminds me quite a bit of the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer products. It is basically a moisturizing balm with a bit of very sheer color and shimmer. I like the stuff quite a bit, although I would prefer it in a regular sized balm.

The lip shine is a nice moisture packed gloss. If you are looking for nice treatment type of gloss, this is a great one!

Both products have a hint of fruit flavor and scent, and are packaged using environmentally friendly materials. The company states that the ingredients are 94% all natural.

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Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Lipgloss PlumperI am declaring Sally Hansen Lip Inflation as a top drugstore lip plumper. Freeze 24/7 is my favorite higher end plumper.

Lip inflation is first and foremost an excellent gloss. It is all that you would expect in a quality gloss–nice and shiny, feels moisturizing, gives a nice color tint, etc. So when coupled with its good price, I would recommend it for those reasons alone.

But Sally Hansen also managed to make a lip plumper that perhaps works a bit. So often I see nothing when I try a lip plumper. I like the tingle, so I happily buy them without any expectations and when I think I see something, then I get impressed. Lip Inflation did not get me jumping for joy the way Freeze 24/7 did, but I did think I got a tiny bit of plumping, which I can’t say for almost all other lip plumpers out there, especially not drugstore brand ones.

On a side note: Sally Hansen has been impressing me a lot lately in the lip product department. Normally people think of them for nails, but they are quickly becoming lip product specialists as well and are doing a consistently good job at it. So check them out for any of your lip product needs.

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Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment Gloss

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Treatment LipglossI was more than a little skeptical when I first saw Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment Gloss in the store. Complete with packaging that includes a picture of a brilliant white smile, it claims to make your smile look brighter by using pigments that counteract yellowness.

Like I said, I was skeptical. But I am a shopaholic, and I really want a brilliant white smile, so I bought some anyway.

On the good side, as with most Sally Hansen lip glosses, this is a really nice gloss. Probably because I was fixated on that briliiant white smile, I got the shade named ”brilliant,” which is a really nice plum/red that has a good amount of pigment, lasts an OK amount of time, and feels pretty nice on the lips. Because it has conditioning agents, the gloss provides a nice moisturizing feel.

On the not so good side, I really can’t say that my smile looked brighter when wearing it, although I suppose such a thing can be hard to judge. Regardless, this is a pretty affordable and decent gloss, so no reason not to buy it. Just don’t expect much from that smile brightening claim!

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