Pink Bow Bath Boutique Luscious Lip Balm

Often the best balms come from the small scale sellers. You can find their items on small scale websites and Etsy,  or you might see them sold at farmers markets and local boutiques.  Pink Bow Bath Boutique is one of these, and they have a wonderful pot balm.

Pink Bow Botique Luscious Lip Balm

Pink Bow’s Luscious Lip Balm is a particularly buttery balm. It is a bit lighter on the wax and heavier on the oils, including a couple of my favorites: hemp seed oil, olive oil, and meadowfoam seed oil. It also contains shea butter, which I happen to love as an ingredient. The upshot is that this balm has a nice heavy moisturizing feel to it, without any waxy feeling. I would describe it as a thick lip butter. The oils also add a nice gloss to it.

The balm comes in six varieties.  I tried Pink Blush (pictured) and Peachy Pink.  Pink Blush has a fairly heavy pink tint to it, although it doesn’t tint the lips too much–the tint is quite sheer. Pink Blush also has a fairly strong berry flavor that I adore. I found it to be one of the best berry flavored balms that I have tried.  Peachy Pink was a bit lighter on the flavor.

Pink Bow packages their balms up nicely as well. So for a bit of homemade goodness, check them out!

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