Philosophy Hope In A Jar Review

This is a Reader Review of Philosophy Hope in a Jar. Thanks Candence for the review!

Hope in a Jar by Philosophy is a moisturizer that hydrates and protects the skin gently. It is immensely popular, and many women have jumped onto the bandwagon of including Hope in a Jar in their daily beauty routine. It works wonders on the skin by deeply hydrating it, yet it is lightweight enough and oil free for the sensitive skin. As the name suggests, there is hope in the jar for glowing and dewy complexion. Many celebrities like Oprah swear by this moisturizer, proclaiming that it gives her face a drink of water.


Hope in a Jar was originally created for the medical market to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and rough texture. It literally melts into the skin when applied and it has a light refreshing smell. It works on most skin types and leaves no greasiness on the skin. The beauty brand Philosophy also has a great design for their products. The jar is simple yet stylish with a lovely font.

For better application, it is best to warm the cream in your palms. Spread the cream all over your face and massage it gently to make sure that it is well absorbed by your skin. You will feel that your face feels smoother and more supple almost immediately after application. It contains antioxidants, making your face look flawless and glowy. The antioxidants also protect the skin against any environmental damage. The formula is also designed to provide constant exfoliation for smooth skin. A single drop and dab is all you need for one application, and a little goes a long way for this jar of cream.

If you have been looking for a lightweight moisturizer that delivers superb results, Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar may the answer to glowing complexion. Try it and you will be able to get some hope from this Hope in a Jar!


Philosophy Lip Shine

Philosophy puts out a number of tube lip glosses in very tasty flavors. The gloss itself is also non-sticky and super shiny. But mostly, the reason to buy these is for the smell and taste. Below is a selection:

If you are reading this in the feed, click on through to the site to see the shopping boxes.


Philosophy the Supernatural Collection Lip Gloss

philosophy supernatural lip gloss Philosophy has a new makeup collection out and sent me a couple of  Philosophy The Supernatural Superglossy™ Lip Glosses SPF 15 to try. Overall, this is a nice gloss if you want both pigment and a non-sticky moisturizing gloss. The SPF 15 is an added bonus

The gloss is flavored, and while I have seen one review that disliked the flavor, I was fine with it. It seemed to me like a mint based flavor with perhaps a hint of vanilla. The flavor is quite light. The gloss is decently pigmented and runs a bit to the sheer side, but is not near as sheer as say a light tinted squeeze tube type of gloss. The best part is that it is absolutely non-sticky and has a great moisturizing feel to it.

Below are swatches of the shades Live in the Moment and Share the Love.

Philosophy lip gloss swatch

Philosophy’s Supernatural Makeup Collection is free of Parabens, Phthalates, Talcs, and Sulfates, and all of the products contain antioxidants.

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