Badger Classic Lip Balms

Why is there an old picture here of me with a frog and a badger? Well, the picture is a geocaching photo taken a few years ago. The badger is because I like badgers. I also just wanted to get your attention before I rave about how great the Badger Company is!

Carleenp Carleen Pruess Coulter BadgerIt is no secret that I love products from the Badger Company. They put out a great catalog of natural products, all with cute badgers on them. In fact, I first came across the company when looking for something else that was badger related. It also is no secret that their large Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balms are one of my all time favorite lip products. Recently I got a change to try their regular size, classic lip balms, and I adore those as well.

Badger Classic Lip Balm

The classic balms are USDA certified organic with the following base ingredients: Base Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Golden Yellow Beeswax, Castor Bean Oil and extracts of Organic Aloe Vera, Rose Hip, and Organic Seabuckthorn Berry. There are seven lovely flavors, including two new ones if you had seen these before when there were only five.

The balms provide good, light moisture, and taste great. My favorites are the new pink grapefruit and the ginger lemon flavors. Also, besides just being darn good lip balms, they come in cute tubes with a badger on them!

By the way, the company itself is quite fun, with a friendly and informative website. If you like salves, be sure to also look at their various tins of skin balms (Read Beauty and Fashion Tech Review).

I have bought Badger products at my local Ulta store. They are also available at many natural foods stores and various online sources, including through the company website links above.

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Google Lip Balm!

Google lip balmI had no idea that there was a Google Store, much less a Google Lip Balm.

But sure enough, next to items such as a Google baby blanket, Google Rubik’s cube, and Google lava lamp, there is the Google lip balm. It is listed as organic and mentions sunburn prevention, although it has no list of ingredients or an SPF rating. The balm is also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

At $1.70 it is a pretty good deal as well. But I think most people would get this one just for the novelty factor.


Eco Lips, Organic Balm With a Clip

Eco Lip Balm and Clip

Eco Lips Lip Balm SPF15 with Clip is over 70% certified organic and contains all natural moisturizers. It also adds a couple of chemical sunscreens for an SPF of 15. What I really like is the carabiner clip!

The balm pictured is Cherry flavor. More details are available at the Eco Lips Company website

The balm and clip is also available as Eco Lips Lip Balm SPF15 with Clip, Mint.

At $2.99, this is a good value product!

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