N.Y.C. Cosmetics Metro Metals Collection

One of the continuing trendy looks in the world of makeup is metallics. You will see it used most on the eyes, but it works well on the lips too. Try a shimmery gold gloss over a dark lip, or aim for pretty shades of bronze.

NYC Cosmetics New York Metro Metals Makeup Collection

N.Y.C. has played into the trend by releasing they Metro Metals Collection. Aside from some pretty, and very affordable, metallic eye and face cosmetics, the collection also includes lipstick and gloss.

Lip Lustre Lipstick retails at $2.99 and had a hydrating formula. It feels quite nice, and gives off a subdued and sheer shimmer. This is a great item to try for a hint of metallic shine on your lips without looking unnatural or overly trendy. The lipstick is available in two shades:  Garnet and Amber. I tried Garnet and loved it. It is a pretty universally flattering shade.

Lip Lustre Chroma Lip Gloss is also $2.99 and is a high shimmer gloss. I found the shimmer from this one reminiscent of MAC Cosmetic’s popular dazzle glass. The shade is a natural to cool gold tone that looks great over a more matte lipstick. Unlike the NYC Tube glosses, this one isn’t sticky. To the contrary, it feels quite lovely. At $2.99 this is a super high value item that I highly recommend.

N.Y.C. Cosmetics are available at drugstores nationwide. I tend to pick them up at ULTA Beauty which also carries them online.


NYC Cosmetics Lippin Large Lip Plumper

New York Color Cosmetics (NYC) is one of the value drugstore brands that tends to do a pretty good job with delivering good makeup items for little money. Although I have at times had issues with some of their glosses, I really like their new line of plumping gloss, Lippin Large Lip Plumper.

This gloss is rather thick and fairly well tinted, so it tends to give a decent amount of color. Although on the thick side, I did not find it to be sticky like some thick glosses can get. The gloss gives a pretty strong tingle, which I also like. But as usual, seeing actual plumping from any volumizer is rare for me. I buy them simply for the tingling feel and because many are just plain good glosses.

I tried all six shades and the skin swatches are below. Funny thing–I could feel them tingling a bit on my arm!

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Lippin Large Plumper

You can find NYC Cosmetics at major drugs stores and big box retailers, such as that red and white bullseye place.


NYC Big Apple Bronzing Collection Lip Gloss Strips

New York Color Cosmetics, aka NYC, has a summer limited edition set out with a focus on bronzing: The Big Apple Bronzing Collection.


I was sent the two Lip Candy Lip Gloss strips from the collection to try. They turned out to be quite nice and left me curious about the rest of the collection.

Each compact contains three strips of color. One focuses on pink and berry shades and the other has tan shades. The tint is fairly light by yet is noticeable–basically a sheer shine. I didn’t experience any stickiness and they tasted pretty good as well.

Below are swatches from each compact:

NYC NEw York Color Lip Gloss NYC Cosmetics lip gloss

NYC cosmetics can be purchased at major drugstores and big box retailers. I also tend to purchase NYC items at ULTA Beauty.

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