Philosophy the Supernatural Collection Lip Gloss

philosophy supernatural lip gloss Philosophy has a new makeup collection out and sent me a couple of  Philosophy The Supernatural Superglossy™ Lip Glosses SPF 15 to try. Overall, this is a nice gloss if you want both pigment and a non-sticky moisturizing gloss. The SPF 15 is an added bonus

The gloss is flavored, and while I have seen one review that disliked the flavor, I was fine with it. It seemed to me like a mint based flavor with perhaps a hint of vanilla. The flavor is quite light. The gloss is decently pigmented and runs a bit to the sheer side, but is not near as sheer as say a light tinted squeeze tube type of gloss. The best part is that it is absolutely non-sticky and has a great moisturizing feel to it.

Below are swatches of the shades Live in the Moment and Share the Love.

Philosophy lip gloss swatch

Philosophy’s Supernatural Makeup Collection is free of Parabens, Phthalates, Talcs, and Sulfates, and all of the products contain antioxidants.


Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint

It is no secret that I love the sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line.  I think that it is the best overall drugstore line out there. They recently put out a new lip gloss: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint.  I grabbed one at a CVS store and found it to be as good as expected.

Salley Hansen Natural Beauty Lip TintThe gloss is packaged in a squeeze tube and has a good, non-sticky, light texture.  Gloss level is high. The tint is subtle, but noticeable, which I like. Some brands, no matter how dark the gloss appears in the tube, the tint doesn’t show on the lips. This one does, although it still is light. Pick a rather dark shade for actual tint (this is true of almost all tinted glosses of this type—meaning a squeeze tube type of gloss). It was quite moisturizing and lasted fairly well.

The gloss has a light flavor and is formulated with natural pomegranate, antioxidants, and cranberry. You can find Sally Hansen Natural Beauty products at most drug stores and big box retailers. I have also purchased Natural Beauty cosmetics at Ulta.


Lavanila Healthy Lip Butter and Shine

Lavanila Healthy Lip ButterLavanila Laboratories specializes in various natural bath and body products, and their Lavanila Healthy Lip Butter iconis a huge new favorite of mine. This tube lip conditioner is all natural and contains a number of my favorite moisturizing ingredients. It applies just like a tube gloss and gives a bit of shine as well. Consider it a thicker (but not sticky) buttery gloss! It lasts for quite a while too and has SPF 15.  Made with vanilla, it also has a nice scent and light taste. Here is what the company literature has to say about it:

The Healthy Lip Butter is packed full of powerful antioxidants, essential oils, and nourishing vitamins that help relieve and hydrate dry lips.  Protect your lips from UV-damage with 100% Natural SPF 15 while four exotic butters moisturize and soften. Lavanila Healthy Lip Butters are 100% Natural and are formulated without petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or chemical sunscreens.  Available in Pure Vanilla, the fresh vanilla bean instantly soothes, making Lavanila’s Healthy Lip Butter the perfect winter indulgence!

LaVanila also makes a lovely Lip Shine , which is an all natural gloss. I gave the Vanilla Lavender flavor a try and found it to be light, glossy, and not at all sticky. It too has a nice light scent and taste–just enough to be pleasant without being overwhelming.

If you like tube products definitely try out Lavanila!

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