Whole Foods Organic Tangerine Lip Balm

whole foods organic lip balm

I picked up a Whole Foods Market Organic Tangerine lip balm on a whim. What can I say? I’m a sucker for orange flavor and I tend to fall for in store marketing! So,I have yet another lip balm added to my massive collection, and it is a good one!

The texture is fairly buttery, which I prefer over oily. I like my balms to have some thickness to them, with waxy for outdoors and buttery for regular wear. Ingredients are coconut oil, beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, tangerine essential oil, cocoa butter, orange essential oil, hemp seed oil, and vitamin E.  All are organic.

The balm is lightly scented and flavored. It also was quite affordable at $1.99. Usually I complain that Whole Foods is overpriced, but this one is a good value.

The pic isn’t the greatest (taken with the iphone, sorry). But it looks like a standard lip balm–nobody is likely going to buy this one for its packaging appearance!


Intelligent Nutrients Organic Lip Balm

Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Nutrition Balm Somewhere along the way, I picked up an Intelligent Nutrients organic lip balm. I’m guessing that I got it at Ulta, although it might have been sent to me from a company representative and I forgot to write it down.  Anyway, this big, fat balm is on the lighter/oily side, so it moisturizes quite well, and gives the lips a bit of nice glossy look, but I tend to find myself reapplying it more often since it isn’t as waxy.  Here is the company information on the balm:

“Our super-antioxidant Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex—an anti-aging, synergistic blend of black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, red raspberry and cranberry seed oils—comprises 20% of the total composition of our lip balm. The other nutritious food ingredients  are coconut, sunflower seed, castor seed and palm kernel oils. Lip Delivery Nutrition® — providing nutrition and antioxidants both externally and internally every time you lick your lips.”

I’m not really buying that internal nutrition line, but I do like the ingredient list. If you like lighter balms and are looking for certified organic products, Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Nutrition may be of interest to you.


Korres Love Your Lips Collection

The Korres Love Your Lips Collection is a collection of three pretty darn nice lip glosses and a pomegranate lip butter. Korres makes their lip glosses with cherry oil, which manages to moisturize, smooth, and taste good. In fact they taste REALLY good.  I don’t really care for cherry flavor, but I loved these! The glosses give good shine and are not at all sticky.

Korres Love Your Lips Gloss Balm

The Pomegranate Lip Butter uses shea butter and rice wax  for hydration. These natural products do not contain Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates.

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