Seven Must See London Beauty and Shopping Locations

Traveling to London? It is a wonderful city for shopping and salon services! Check out these seven must see stops for all things in makeup, hair and beauty.

Fenwick London

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(1) Fenwick describes itself as the UK’s most exciting department store. Fenwick began as a hair accessories boutique, and is now a full department store featuring luxury goods. It is an especially good stop for shoes, handbags, and exclusive cosmetic lines. For luxury shopping at it best, make it a stop on your beauty and fashion shopping tour.

(2) Harrods is another top department store worthy of any shopping trip experience. With seven floors of luxury goods, you could spend all day, and easily spend a small fortune in one location. This is the go-to place for all of the top luxury brands.

(3) Need a new cut or style? When it comes to finding hairdressers in London, there are many great ones to choose from. From celebrity and television favorite Andrew Barton to Daniel Hersheson, a favorite of Vogue staffers, you can find a top notch cut or style for your days and nights out visiting the city. Some salons also use salon appointment software for easy scheduling, or simply ring them up and book your appointment.

(4) Check out Spa London for good values with a full menu of services. This full service spa offers everything from standard treatments to pools and steam rooms.  With its extensive selection of items, it is a great choice if you want to be able to get a variety of services or just plain can’t decide what you want. There is something there for everyone.

(5) As  a runner up to Spa London, if you likes pools and baths, try the Porchester Spa, which also offers affordable basic services and a great selection of pools and baths. This is the perfect place for all of you Turkish bath lovers, but you can also get an affordable massage while you are there too.

Fingernail Art

(6) Get chic nail art done at the trendy WAH Nails salon. The salon specializes in nail art and, with locations in TopShop stores, they are easy to find and are also affordable. Indeed, some credit WAH with making nail art into the current trend that it is today. While at TopShop, also do some shopping for affordable and highly on-trend clothes.

(7) Boots on Oxford Street is a must do affordable beauty stop in London. this large store is perfect for stocking up on all of your favorite Boots skin care items and cosmetics. Aside from their own line of products, Boots sells the popular Models Own nail polish line and the truly wonderful Soap and Glory line of skin and bath products. I particularly love Soap and Glory hand cream!


Disclosure: This is an advertorial.

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5 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Manicure Kit

Being a woman takes a lot of upkeep. Fortunately, there are some shortcuts women can take to stay on top of it all, without putting themselves completely out. At the top of that list is being prepared. For women who prefer to keep their nails primped and polished, having a well-stocked manicure kit on hand (no pun intended) at all times in a must. That way, she is always prepared in the event of those unexpected snags and tears that can turn a good manicure into an eyesore.

Here are five things every woman should keep in her manicure kit:

Cuticle remover. Nothing can ruin a perfectly good set of nails like raggedy cuticles. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep cuticles looking their best without regular attention. Buy a small bottle of cuticle remover cream and rub it into your cuticles every day. Let it sit for a few minutes and then use an orange stick to push the cuticle off the nail. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make with your manicure.

Nail clippers. Sure, you never leave the house thinking you’re going to have to clip your nails, but accidents happen. There is no better fix for a torn or hanging nail than a basic pair of fingernail clippers.

A nail file. Any time you have a slight snag in your nail that catches on things (like your hair – ouch!), then the best solution is to file it down with a nail file. This works on those occasions where using a nail clipper is too much. Also, nail files are invaluable when it comes to shaping your nails just the way you want them.

Nail glue. If you happen to tear your nail and can’t get to the manicurist right away to fix it – and you don’t want to just cut it off – then you can repair your nail using nail glue. Just remember that nail glue is like superglue, and be careful not to overuse it, or let it get into the wrong hands.

Clear nail lacquer. Clear nail lacquer is like lip gloss: it is an easy way to look polished even when you’re in too big of a hurry to do much else. If you are in between manicures, trying to grow your nails out, or even just allowing your nails some time off the color, it is a good idea to keep them looking healthy and shiny with just one coat of a clear gloss nail lacquer.

There are certain things that women should have in their arsenal, and manicured nails are just the thing to top any look off. Make sure you have these five items in your manicure kit at all times.

Kai Harshfield owns her own nail salon and one of her trademarks is the individual manicure kits she keeps for each client, ensuring cleanliness and safety in tool choice. Every client who purchases a manicure kit gets to choose a signature nail color to keep inside, ensuring they at least have access to their favorite shades at all times!

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Trending Pastels: Sweet and Sugary

This season my favorite colors are trending and I’m not referring to the neon accessories and brightly colored pants. Even though color is fun – light pastel colors are just as fun. In fact I love all of the pastel makeup tones that will be trending this spring. They’re extremely girlie, feminine, and create a natural look that’s perfect for spring and beyond. So what are my favorite ways to incorporate sweet pastels this season? Read on to find out.


Pastel Cosmetics for Spring


Pastel Nail Colors:

If you’re in the habit of painting your nails black for the fall and winter months now is the time to break into the pastel colors. Find some amazing nail polish that you love from brands like OPI or Essie and either get a manicure at a salon or paint them yourself. One of my favorite colors is mint green – a cross between turquoise and green (in my opinion), this color is on its way to becoming the best pastel color yet. I personally can’t wait to find the perfect mint green purse to go with my mint green nails.

Pastel Lip Tints:

If you love the natural look that is elegant yet pretty, this trend will become a favorite of yours. Pastel lip tints are easy to apply and look extremely lovely. In addition to lip tints, you can also pair your lip gloss or lipstick with a pastel dress and pumps and you have the perfect spring time outfit. Don’t forget other pastel makeup including glistening shadow, which is coming up next. Now all you need is a date!

Pastel Eye Shadow:

Sigh, eye shadows are so beautiful. Especially the light colored pastel shadows. If you want just a subtle glimmer or a richer pastel shade, it all depends how you apply your pastel colors on your eyelids. Shimmering eye shadows illuminate your face and make your eyes look fresh and wide awake. For the mascara you’ll want to keep this natural as well because you will want to allow your eye shadow to take center stage. Your glimmering eye shadow is stunning enough all on its own.

Enjoy the pastels this spring and summer and show off your illuminating face at your home, office, or wherever you are on a day to day basis with gorgeous makeup. A sheer cream blush and extra soft colors on your clothing ensemble will complete the look – you’re ready to enjoy this sugary sweet trend already.

Sierra is a writer who enjoys fashion and beauty and loves learning about the latest trends. She especially loves natural beauty and strives to have a lovely complexion. Catch up with Sierra on her Ocean Dreams blog.  

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