Sony Lipstick MP3 Player, NE-103

I recently wrote about the Bratz lip tunes, an MP3 Player for the younger crowd that is shaped like a lipstick.

Sony MP3 Player Lipstick Tube
Soon the grownups can play too. On December 19, 2007, Sony is releasing the NE-103 MP3 player in Japan, and hopefully branching out from there.

The Player is just over $100, holds 1GB of music, and has lipstick tube shape in a variety of colors. Although people are calling it a lipstick MP3 player, personally I think it looks more like a fragrance vial or lip balm. Regardless, it certainly is an attractive little thing.


Bratz Liptunes MP3 Player

Bratz Yaz Lipstick MP3 Player Here is an interesting item for a lipstick lover!

The Bratz Liptunes MP3 Player is a lipstick shaped MP3 player. It is rather cute, but also nicely compact, so I am considering getting one to take to the gym .

I imagine this would also be a good holiday gift for a young girl. Actually, now that I think of it, I could look a bit silly with one of these as it might be a bit “young” for me.  Although that might actually be another reason to buy one!

A similar item is the Bratz Yaz Lipstick Mp3 Player

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