Q & A With Chase Aston, International Makeup Artist for The Body Shop

pd_watermelon_born_lippy_balmThe body shop is running a great charitable promotion: Get Lippy, Prevent HIV. Right now, the proceeds from every limited edition Guarana Berry Lip Butter sold goes directly to the Staying Alive Foundation (http://www.staying-alive.org), funding HIV awareness and prevention for young people around the world.

Oh, and the Body Shops’ Watermelon Lippy (pictured) is one of the most heavenly pot lip butters around!

I really love Body Shop products and so I was quite happy when recently members of the Beauty Blog Network had the opportunity to ask questions of Chase Aston, International Makeup Artist for the Body Shop.

I asked Mr. Aston: What hot new lip colors should we be on the lookout for this Spring?

His answer:

Lips are awash with gloss again this season in the prettiest, pearlized shades. The Body Shop Lip Bloom is a brilliant high gloss and high pearl trend shades in a formulation and two up-to-the-minute shades (Tulip Peach – a soft pink gloss with a hint of golden peach; Soft Rose – a light, pretty and delicate pink gloss)

Check back soon for links to all of the other questions and answers with Chase Aston!


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Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping

Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip ToppingRevlon lists its Sugar Sugar Lip Topping as a limited edition product, but it has been out for quite a long time now. I kept putting off trying it because it honestly seemed a bit silly to me, but I finally broke down and bought one in Sprinkled Pink.

The topping is interesting stuff. It really is just like shimmery colored sugar to put on over your gloss. I kind of liked the effect of it. It adds some texture and looks very unique. I would suggest it for a night out at the club. I think younger people would also particularly have fun with it.

My only real problem with the sugar topping was that it felt odd and I kept rubbing my lips together, which generally removed it pretty quick.  It also will not last at all through a drink or food, so be prepared to reapply often. But hey! If you want to goof off and try something unique and fun, this is something that could be of interest.

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