Max Factor Lipfinity 3D MAX Wear Lipcolor

Max Factor is no longer selling in the United States, but it is still available in Europe.  It also appears to still be available at some online retailers. I gave Max Factor Lipfinity MAXwear Lipcolor a try and rather liked it.Max Factor Lipfinity Max Wear 3D

This is a dual sided long wearing stain and gloss combo. The stain is thick and full of pigment. For best results, apply it to completely clean and dry lips and let it dry entirely before applying the gloss. The gloss has a nice moisturizing feel to it with no stickiness at all. It was a bit on the frosted side for my tastes though.

Overall, I liked the color of the Max Factor products and I got a couple of hours wear out of this. It did come off quickly, however, with eating and drinking. The MAC Cosmetic Lustre Twins (read previous review) last longer and are still my favorite.


Total Beauty Quiz: Find Out Your Best Shade of Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipstick

I recently reviewed Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipstick (read review). With high pigment, it makes for a great vibrant lip color. Now you can take this quiz at Total Beauty to find out which shade is best for you.
What’s Your Ideal Glam Lip Color?

Take this quiz to find out which lipstick shade reflects your personal taste

What's Your Ideal Glam Lip Color?

Soft on the inside yet bold on the outside, highly pigmented lip colors can speak volumes about your personality — before you’ve uttered a word. Find out which shade of the beauty editor- and consumer-favorite MAX Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor you should be wearing.

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Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipstick

2165942 Max Factor’s Vivid Impact Lipcolor is certainly vivid! This high pigment lipstick provides a good pop of color that wears pretty well.

The lipstick has a decent texture and is on the moisturizing side. Use a liner under it and add a bit of gloss on top, and you can get pretty long wear with nice lasting color.  Look for it in drug and beauty stores.

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