The Right Way to Apply Foundation

Applying foundation is an essential part of a lady’s beauty regimen. Cosmetic foundation acts as a crucial base for a good makeup application and also serves to cover up skin problems. Improperly applied foundation can result in a mask-like appearance, which is due to the incorrect blending of foundation with one’s skin color. Applying thick layers of foundation is also not recommended, since this leads to an unnatural look.

how to apply foundation

When properly applied, foundation completely conceals skin imperfections and ensures prolonged makeup wear throughout a woman’s busy day. There are also good cosmetic applicators available in the market today, such as the ecotools foundation brush, which helps women apply makeup better. Beauty experts also recommend that ladies need only to focus and spot-fix uneven skin areas to achieve a smooth and flawless look. With a little practice and patience, anyone can use foundation to create a smooth and natural look.

Here are the best practices to ensure a well-applied foundation every woman desires:

Prepare the face

The face should first be thoroughly washed with clean water and pat-dried with an absorbent towel. The face should then be moisturized using a preferred moisturizer so the skin won’t look dry and rough once the foundation is applied. A good quality moisturizer will prevent the foundation from looking uneven and clumpy, allowing for a smooth and natural look. 

Add primer and concealer

Beauty experts usually apply foundation primer first to achieve a smoother surface, which the foundation can cling on once applied. The primer also helps the foundation to last longer without reapplying occasionally. After putting on the primer, you can then use the concealer to hide dark circles and uneven areas so as to avoid applying excessive foundation on those areas eventually.

Start applying the foundation

The amount of foundation to be applied depends on the lightness or darkness of shade that you want to have. Most women prefer the lighter shade as it produces a more natural look.

1. Using a foundation brush, begin to apply the makeup starting off on the center of the face in order to blend the makeup properly as you move towards the outside portion of the face.

2. Make sure to use wider, downward strokes when applying foundation on certain parts like the forehead, nose and chin to avoid getting uneven makeup lines.

Manage the hard-to-reach areas

The hard-to-reach areas for most makeup artists are the sides of the nose, the corners of the mouth, the eyes plus the hairline. These areas are commonly disregarded and are usually left untouched when applying makeup. It is also where the makeup usually wears off.  In that case, one should make sure to properly cover these areas in order to avoid having that dreaded mask look.   

Complete the look with powder

Most women are confused whether when to put the powder – before or after the foundation. Powder should always be applied ‘after the foundation’. This helps even out the foundation, minimizing the shine and also makes the foundation last longer.  Powder also decreases the need to reapply and retouch makeup every now and then. 

By learning the basic rules and principles in applying foundation, one can truly look great and fabulous without spending too much money, or hiring the best makeup artist or stylist in town. Having good quality makeup and tools also helps achieve a smooth and natural look. With lots of readily-available resources and useful tools, achieving that Hollywood-like glow can be easy and fun. Learn, experiment, embrace change and enjoy!

Lynn Parsons is now teaching her students how apply foundation properly with the use of ecotools foundation brush and a good mirror.

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CoverGirl Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer Review

CoverGirl Smoothers is a tinted moisturizer that hydrates the skin while giving it a soft glow. It contains sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage. It goes on smooth and looks great on most skin tones.

Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer Review

Sunscreen is important to prevent sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. CoverGirl Smoothers contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are barrier sunscreens. Its SPF 15 formula provides enough coverage to protect your skin from sun exposure for short periods of time in the sun such as going to the store or to work.

It is lightweight, so it won’t cake or crease on the skin. It provides a sheer coverage while evening out skin tone for glowing skin. The gel formula helps it glide across the skin for a fresh look. Since it doesn’t contain oil, it is great for all skin types. It’s light enough for oily or combination skin, but sensitive enough to hydrate even dry skin. The zinc oxide helps soothe and protect sensitive skin without irritating blemishes.

The CoverGirl tinted moisturizer comes in three formulas: fair to light, light to medium and medium to dark. Select the right shade for your skin tone. The lightweight formula blends in with your skin tone without looking fake. It gives you an even tone without streaks or dark spots.

Since it is a moisturizer and bronzer in one, there is just one product to apply to your face in the morning. Even if you don’t have time to do all of your makeup, you can get a healthy looking glow with just this product. It evens out skin tone and helps conceal minor blemishes. If you have very dark spots or circles under your eyes, you may need a separate concealer, but for most minor complexion issues, this tinted moisturizer will even your skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

My skin gets very dry in the winter, so I use a separate moisturizer under this product. I continue to use Smoothers because I like the look and how it evens my skin tone. In the summer, I find that I can skip the separate moisturizer and just use this product.

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Different Types Of Concealers For Different Types Of Skin – How To Choose

Having flawless skin a goal every woman. But unless your schedule allows to you make frequent trips to beauty parlors, maintain the right dietary and sleep balances, and pamper your skin with ample skin care routines, blemishes are sure to be spotted on your face.

Loreal Concealer

Concealers are used to mask blemishes on the skin, from acne to pimples to dark circles, and give the user a glowing appearance. No matter what a woman’s profession is, she is assessed not only by her proficiency but her appearance too. A blemish-free face speaks of a healthy woman who can be counted on for being efficient, and an unscarred face gives you an air of competency.

Due care must be taken when you are out browsing for a concealer. A golden rule that must never be broken is that you do not purchase a concealer without sampling it at the store first. Figuring out the shades can be tricky, which is why it is essential that you test a shade before purchasing it. If you use foundation, your job becomes simpler as the right concealer is but a shade or two lighter than the foundation used.

Those with dry skin may want to reach out for liquid concealers. These products can be applied either with the aid of cotton or with bare fingers. Those with oily skin will want to keep their distance from liquid concealers as they will give you a glossy appearance.

Women with oily skin must try concealer powders. When in powdered form, concealers can hold their ground even in humid conditions. Since the powder absorbs oil and other forms of moisture, you need not fret about your layer of concealer getting caked or running down your face.

Teens experiencing hormonal changes and those who are prone to pimples or acne are advised to opt for concealer sticks. The stick structure is of a different constituency than that of liquids and the concealer is evenly spread even over tough acne. Exercise caution when dabbing concealer sticks beneath the eye – you may want to rub in concealers with your fingers to avoid hurting the delicate skin beneath the eyes.

Concealer pencils are not a good option for those with sensitive skin. Pencils are what you should grab for if you have a fine scar or the defined contours of a tattoo to hide. Using pencils give you more control over the area that you wish to apply concealer on.

Concealers are also available in the forms of creams that are best applied after moisturizing the skin.

Choosing the right shade is a daunting task – you can use the blue veins visible on your inner wrists as the test zone. Apply the concealer on the blue of the veins to see if the color is shielded from view, and if the shade is the same as that of your skin. The tone of your skin will determine if you must reach out for yellow, orange or pink undertones in your concealer.

Yellow tones help ceffectively cover dark circles beneath the eyes and fine lines on the face. Those with skin of darker shades or black will want to reach out for orange-tinted products. Peachy tones are preferable for fair women, while those that are pink or white are best avoided (unless they are being combined with other shades).

Keep in mind that the layer of concealer comes after the application of foundation in the sequence of dressing up. When testing, dab the concealer along your jaw line or on the skin below your ear. Choose concealers a shade lighter than the shade of your foundation (which must be the exact same shade as your skin).

Make-up artists claim that finding the exact shade of concealers is often a task that does not seem worth the investment. Instead, you can simply purchase a foundation palette and combine two or more shades to arrive at the desired shade. When applying the concealer, you must take care that the applied part of the skin is neither darker nor lighter than the rest of the skin.

Whether or not you apply make-up frequently, it is always a good idea to know your skin tone and type, as well as be aware of the products that best suit your needs. Dark circles may be the scars of successful battles, but sometimes they serve you better when concealed. Concealers are products with long shelf life, and you can thus purchase one that serves you well, so that the product is within your reach should you need it.


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