Easy Halloween Costumes and Makeup

Kids anticipate Halloween every year. With pumpkin picking, costume wearing, and trick or treating to look forward to, what’s not to like? Adults enjoy fall and Halloween festivities as well. There is no need to spend a lot of money or to purchase any type of special effect items. There are many simple and fashionable costume ideas that you can create using normal items that you already own.

cowgirl look halloween

One easy to assemble idea is the cowboy/cowgirl costume. Put on your best leather boots, your favorite jeans, and a plaid shirt in flattering colors. Add a cowboy/cowgirl hat, some bright lipstick, and your friendliest smile, and you are set!

Another costume idea is to dress up as Mary Poppins. She is a very pretty and popular character. Be sure to pin your hair up, and to bring a parasol or umbrella from home. Wear a shirt that is either white, lacy, or satiny. Pair it with a skirt and white gloves. Also wear heals, fancy boots, or high heeled boots.
If you have a brown vest and boots, you may want to dress as a safari guide. You could bring binoculars, and wear hair and makeup as normal. If your children have a jungle breed of stuffed animal, bring that along as well.

Remember Pippi Longstocking? She is another costume idea that is easy to achieve with at home materials. Wear your hair in two braids. You can cut floral wire or a clothes hanger to achieve Pippi’s braids straight out to the side look. Apply fake freckles by using your eyebrow or eyeliner pencil. Match various patterns, such as wearing knee socks from two different sets, or pairing a jumper of one color with a striped shirt of two other colors. Smile, and have fun!

You could also create a Dorothy look. Wear white ankle socks with red shoes. Wear a white shirt with a blue skirt or jumper. Style your hair into two ponytails and tie ribbons around the base of the ponytails. Carry a basket.

Halloween is a festive time of year. There are plenty of tasteful and fun costume ideas for adults to create. Have a fantastic time creating your look and enjoying the season!

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Seven Top Makeup Shades For Fall

There are hues for every season. Just as the colors of each season change, so do those of our clothing, makeup, and latest fashion trends. Some colors are distinct to the fall season. The following are a few of the hottest makeup shades for the fall season.

Fall Maleup Shades

(1)  Browns: Brown eye shadow palettes are always a hit in the autumn months. They match almost any skin tone and go with many looks because they are natural-looking. You can purchase brown eye shadow palettes in a variety of hues from light toffee-colored browns to creamy mochas and dark chestnuts. Deep chocolates are also popular in the fall.

(2) Blues: Cool blue eye shadow palettes are also appropriate for the cooler fall season. Depending upon your complexion, you can select from dark navy-colored blues or light, shimmery turquoise ones. If you’re not too hot on blue eye shadows, try simply using a cobalt blue eyeliner for that cool pop of autumn blue.

(3) Greens: Dark greens are also great for the fall season. They pair extremely well with brown and golden color palettes as well. If you’re not too keen on green eye shadow, consider an emerald eye liner instead.

(4) Purples: Deep, intense, rich purple eye shadow palettes are some of the best hues for the autumn months. They look particularly striking with many of fall’s hottest clothing colors like browns, greens, and blues. Pair intense Bordeaux purple hues with smoky neutrals for a stunning autumn effect.

(5) Reds: Red eye shadows are particularly popular in the autumn months. Some people, however, are hesitant to wear red for fear that it is too bold or that it doesn’t go well with their complexions. Try a burnt orange instead if you’re skeptical about tackling a full-on red. Burnt orange will give you a bit of that reddish hue without screaming “Red!”

(6) Grays: Smoky eyes are always in style, but especially so in the fall. Grays are nice, cool fall colors. The great thing about gray eye shadow palettes is that you can use them with almost any other palettes to add smokiness to them. Stick to matte grays, though, because metallic grays look almost silver and futuristic.

(7) Peaches, blush, and golden: Peachy, blush, and golden eye shadow palettes are great for fall. They give that autumn blush appearance reminiscent of the changing of the autumn leaves. Shimmery eye shadow palettes work best for peach, blush, and golden colors.

As you can see, there are a variety of palette options appropriate for the fall season. While all palettes might not work well with every skin complexion, there are ways to adjust each palette to your skin type. For instance, if a dark chocolate brown eye shadow doesn’t go well with your skin type, try a neutral colored shimmery brown instead. There are so many hues of each color that with a bit of trial and error, you should be able to find palettes within each color type that go well with your complexion. Also remember that the colors don’t necessarily have to be the color of your eye shadow. Use colored liners for a pop of fall color too.

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Bombshell Makeup Techniques

Kim Kardashian is a bombshell, and her make-up is quite possibly the most difficult part of her look. Unless you are a master of highlights and lowlights, it is super easy to get confused as to how she does her make-up the way that she does. This kind of face is meant to brighten the eyes, while making them more stark and angular, along with your face. Here is a step by step guide on how to get your make up like Kim’s so you can have the boys flocking at your 5 inch heels.


First you want to start out with a white primer on the lid. This adds an automatic highlight to anything that will be applied later, and therefore it is a very important step. This holds your make-up in place and prepares the surface of your lid for the various supplies applied on it. It is always good to do the liquid foundation of powder before the eyes, so that if you have any loose eye-shadow in unwanted places, you can just do touch ups.

Take a cream shadow in a matte grey, and in a diagonal line of about a half an inch, apply a line to the outer edge of the eyelid, swoop over to the outer edge of the line area on the top lid, then the bottom outer lining area. This is just a method of creating a crisp line to start your highlighting with. Blend it in toward your inner eyelid, and then it’s on to the next step.

Get a shimmery grey eye shadow and blend it into the center of your eye, using some in the outer edges of your eyelid, but not too much. This should create a gradation effect of darker to lighter.

Take a shimmery silver color and dab it gently over the corners of your eyes. Blend it lightly in with the shimmery grey shadow, and then take whatever is left on your grey brush and blend it all in a bit. This should make your eyes look drastic, but don’t worry, it will be paired with things much more subtle.

Clean up any smudged areas with the concealer, making the eyes look clean and brightening the outer areas of their eyes. For the face, gently contour the checks and jaw with a bronzer on your temples, the hollows of your cheeks, and your jawline. Finish it off with a nude lipstick and a clear lip gloss, so as not to draw too much attention to the mouth and to draw the eye upwards.

Some side tips: Do not pair this with a dark lipstick or a bright color, it will contrast too deeply and your features will get lost in the shuffle. This kind of make-up goes well with any hairstyles, but try not to wear it with straight bangs, as the makeup could irritate the eyes as the bangs brush over it. To try and prevent this from happening, try a make-up spray that keeps your look in place, if you don’t have that, hairspray will do as well.


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