College Beauty: Blush Tips

Likely you have seen girls walking around with cheeks that look unnaturally flushed. I see it when I am walking around my college campus almost every day. Blame it on the blush. Blush is a good makeup tool that can help accentuate your cheeks, but if done in the wrong way, you’ll just end up looking like a clown. Unless you like the clown look, there is no reason that you should look like one because of your blush. College ladies, and any other ladies, listen up. Here are some tips to ensure that you look the best with your blush.


1. Start with the right color. Blush isn’t something that people can tell that you are wearing. It should be subtle enough that people don’t notice it, but it enhances your features. Often, people choose the wrong color because they want people to notice that they are wearing blush. To find the color that is best for you, you should take a trip outside the cold and stay there for a few minutes. When you come back, take notice of your cheeks, that’s the color that your blush should be.

2. Choose the brand right for you. When it comes to beauty products, you do pay for what you get. It’s better to get something that is a little more expensive rather than getting a blush that will look cheap on you.

3. Determine your facial shape. There are many different ways to put blush on based on your facial structure. Determine the shape of your face before you start applying your blush. You might have been doing it wrong!

4. Choose between gel and powder. You need to determine which one is right for you. If you go for a gel blush, it is a little bolder. If you go for the powder form, it will often look more subtle. Choose what look you want for you!

5. Get a good brush. Make sure that you get a good brush when you apply your blush. It will look streaky and bad if you don’t use the right blush brush.

6. Use a cotton ball. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and then dot it with a cotton ball. It will make your color look a lot more natural.

7. Moisturize. Make sure that you skin is moisturized. If it’s not, the blush will look cracked and ugly.

Pictured: MAC Chenman Collection Beauty Powder.

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MAC ChenMan Love and Water Swatches

MAC cosmetics has paired up with popular Chinese photography icon Chen Man for a new limited edition collection. The MAC ChenMan Love and Water collection features a number of striking pinks and blues for a pretty, yet bold look.  I covered this over on Beauty and Fashion Tech too, so you may have seen some of these photos there as well.

MAC Chenman Love and Water Collection


MAC Chenman Collection Swatches

Below from are ChenMan swatches of the shades Reflects Blue Glitter (it is a bit difficult to see in this picture), which is followed by Naval Blue Pigment, Love Cycle Mineralize Eye Shadow, and Supersweet.

MAC ChenMan Collection Swatches


Here are also swatches of the Force of Love lipstick, a bright matte lipstick with an interesting shade that I rather like, and Budding Love, a pretty lavender lipglass.


MAC Chen Man Lipstick Swatches

Below is a lip swatch of the The Force of Love Lipstick:

Chen Man Lipstick Swatch Force of Love

And, last but not least, below is a Mac Chenman beauty powder swatch of the shade Play it Proper. This powder gives pretty good illumination and is a nice pastel pink shade that is perfect for spring.

MAC Chenman Beauty Powder Swatch

The MAC Love and Water Collection is available now!

Disclosure: This review was based on items given to me by MAC cosmetics. Read our policy pages for more details.

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MAC Too Supreme Swatches

The MAC Too Supreme Collection presents a slew of new sheen supreme shades and introduces MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass, a lipglass in a clickable pen tube. The collection is inspired by East Asian shades.

I have always loved Sheen Supreme lipsticks and the new MAC Sheen Supreme lipglass was a rather present surprise for me. Below are MAC Too Supreme swatches, photos, and my review of the collection.


MAC Too Supreme


Here is  photo of the full lineup, which has a number of great shades. The new Sheen Supreme Lipglass particularly impressed me. I have had issues in the past with MAC lipglass being sticky, but these were not sticky at all and had pretty decent pigment to them. I also tend to like click up lip gloss applicators, although you have to be careful to not overload the brush.


MAC TooSupreme Collection


MAC Too Supreme Swatches

Below are swatches from left to right of Sheen Supreme Lipstick in the shades Asian Flower, Korean Candy, and Royal Azalea.  Those are followed by swatches of Sheen Supreme Lipglass shades in Cherry Fest, Jasmine Honey, and Mango Sheen.


MAC Too Supreme Swatches

Here is a lip swatch of MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Cherry Fest. I didn’t do a lip swatch of Jasmine Honey because it was such a light shade.

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Swatch

Here is a lip swatch of the Mango Sheen lipglass. I really, really like this one!

Sheen Supreme Mango Sheen Lip Swatch

The MAC Too Supreme Collection is available now through early April.

Disclosure: Products for this review were provided to me by a representative of MAC. For more information please see our disclosure policies and pages.

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