Review: L’Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner When I purchased a tube of L’Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner, I expected to love it. I normally like L’Oreal’s lip products, and what is not to love about a lip conditioner? But apparently not all things are a loveable as they would seem.

The Bare Natural Lip conditioner that I tried was too thick and a bit sticky! At first I thought it was perhaps because of high pigment, which will make me a little more forgiving of a thicker product and stickiness, but then I found that the pigment didn’t show all that much either. L’Oreal advertises this as light weight, but I found it to be heavier than any other lip item that I have used in the last several years.

It did have OK shine, and is advertised as 96% “natural origin” (whatever that means), for those who are interested in its other features. It is packaged in a rather small click up tube.

If you are headed out for drugstore lip products I suggest skipping this one. But do consider trying L’Oreal’s  HiP Jelly Balm instead (read review). Now that is lovely stuff!

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L’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm

L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm If you like MAC Tendertones (read review) and would like a similar drugstore product, take a look at L’Oreal HiP (high intensity pigments) Jelly Balm.

This pot balm gives a light to fairly intense tint, depending on the shade, and great shine, all in a moisturizing jelly balm. They look great, and are a bit easier to obtain than the MAC tendertones.

Unlike tendertones, which have a nice flavor, L’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm is unscented and unflavored. That may be a plus or a minus for some people depending on their tastes.

I love the one that I purchased in a light berry pink shade, and will likely buy more! You can find them at most drugstores and big box retailers.

Update: I am told that at least some of these are scented/flavored. I don’t really note any in the one I bought though.

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Finally a Long Wearing Product That Lasts! L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss.

infallible Have you seen the ads for L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss ? You know, the ones where Beyonce looks absolutely gorgeous, her lips are super shiny, and the ad claims that the gloss will last for 6 hours?

I’m not one who jumps on an ad and buys a product, but those made me seek out L’Oreal’s new infallible lip gloss in the store. I was also rather curious, because I read somewhere (sorry I don’t remember where now) that L’Oreal used technology taken from long wearing mascara to make the gloss last.

I haven’t always loved long wearing products. In fact I once did a pretty serious comparison of some and didn’t find anything in the lot that I felt was particularly worth wearing (Read Beauty and Fashion Tech Review). Long wearing products tend to dry out the lips, the shades usually are not great, and they often don’t really last as promised. But I found that L’Oreal’s Infallible Gloss is different. This is one good gloss!

I purchased an infallible gloss in Red and put it to the test. The gloss has a nice rich color and is very wearable. Like most long wearing products, it goes through a sticky stage and you have to wait for it set. But the gloss did not make my lips feel as horribly dry as other long wearing products do, and amazingly, it kept its nice glossy look for almost as long as promised.

I wore the infallible gloss through my morning cans of Enviga with no problems. It didn’t rub off and it stayed shiny. After about 4 hours, I thought that it dulled up a bit. When I ate lunch, it still stayed on, but at that point looked pretty darn beat up. But by then it had been on over 5 hours. Refreshingly, L’Oreal doesn’t make outrageous claims with this one like some other companies do (16 hours? come on!), and its claim of six hours is pretty reasonable if you don’t beat it up like I did.

I think L’Oreal has finally created a true winner in the long wearing lip product field. The shades are all lovely and it really does last. L’Oreal products can be found online and at most drugstores and big box retailers.

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