Kevyn Aucoin Lipstick

Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Tint , Enchantaberry (Berry Red) is probably the best berry red lipstick I have tried. I was uncertain of the splurge when I bought it, especially since I have to be careful with reds, or they look too garish. But it turned out to be perfect.

Kevyn Aucoin Lip Tint Enchantaberry

Kevyn Aucoin Enchantaberry is a very popular shade for a reason. It isn’t too orange or too blue. Instead it is a nice berry red that will work with a wider range of skin tones, making it a pretty safe selection in the red color range. It basically is a good neutral cranberry, and I love it! If you click through the link above to the site, you can some rave reviews of it there as well. Below is a swatch of Enchantaberry:

Kevyn Aucoin Enchantaberry Lip Tint Swatch

The lipstick itself is medium sheer, but yet has a good tint to it. So it feels light, but does not lack for color. It also has moisture and pretty good saying power. It is a bit pricey, but less than my beloved Dior and some other top brands and I find it worth the price tag.


Fashion Week Lip Trend: Bare!

So, I have been perusing various photo galleries from New York Fashion Week, paying particular attention to the makeup. Something that jumped out at me was a trend toward bareness for spring 2010. I have seen a number of faces with a dramatic eye and bare lips. I have also seen plenty of looks that included a pretty eye and blush, but again, bare, or nearly bare lips. Take, for example, this look from Davidelfin (which I happen to like quite a bit). It has more lip color (which I suspect is natural for the model), than many looks that I have seen:

And then there is this look done by MAC Cosmetics for BCGB. Bareness at its finest!

BCBG face chart MAC Cosmetics

I can’t really complain when it looks as good as it does on these BCBG models:

So what if you don’t want to be completely bare this spring? Well, you can still follow the trend by applying a nude or natural lip look—something that will never go out of style for either your lip look or your entire face.


YSL Fall Color Collection Swatch: Rouge Volupté Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Volupté’ Lipstickicon has a new shade out for fall that is gorgeous! I love this lipstick in general, but often the shades are a bit out there for my tastes. However, the new Exquisite Plum shade is perfect. It looks rather dark in online shopping color swatches, but it isn’t quite so extreme on the skin, especially since you can apply it on the sheer side if desired.  Below is a swatch, along with a couple of lovely shades from  a Yves Saint Laurent ‘Ombres Duolumières’ Eye Shadow Duo in anise green and intense plum. I’ll review those at some point on Beauty and Fashion Tech.

YSL Rouge Lipstick Exquisite Plum Swatch get-the-look-fall2009revised

YSL Rouge Volupté  lipsticks are creamy, smooth, and packed with pigment. You can do a sheer swipe with them (which I did in the picture), but add a layer or two and you can also get a more intense look.  I assume the model in the picture is wearing the shade, but honestly, it was much more sheer for me in the store (which I prefer, so I didn’t try to get it too dark).

The packaging is also gorgeous. Personally, I think YSL makes some of the best lipsticks around (Dior is another favorite), but the price does reflect that.

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