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I was asked by Sprint (via Glam media) to write about the most innovative beauty brands. These brands on multiple occasions have been the first to try new creative ideas, leading to further innovations in the realm of beauty. Innovation in beauty products happens all the time and across many different brands, but I chose these five brands based on their fairly constant innovations, whether that be in technology, ecology, color selection, or packaging and marketing. So, here are my five choices for the the most innovative beauty brands:

MAC Cosmetics

MAC lip Products

MAC cosmetics leads the way in innovation, both in the creation of new products and in the development of color. With multiple special collections and limited edition products released every month, the brand is constantly putting out new shades and new types of cosmetics. MAC led the way in creating tinted blends of pressed mineral powder, blush, and eye shadow, and their lip products  have evolved from their standard excellent quality lipsticks and glosses into specialty high dazzle items such as dazzle glass and the beautiful creamy cremesheen lip glass. No other brand has the range of shades as MAC, who also leads the way in affordable pigment packed makeup. Their innovation is a primary reason why they have so many fans.

Make Up For Ever


Make Up Forever innovated the concept on high definition makeup, which has become a recent hot item in the cosmetic world. Beginning with smooth and illuminating high definition foundation, the line quickly moved into smudge proof and incredibly waterproof items such as the beautiful Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, which glide on effortlessly and come in 25 shades. The aqua eyes liners set the standard that many other brands now try to follow . Another lovely item from the company are their water resistant lip liners which make for a great long wearing lip color when applied to the entire lip.

Kiss My Face

kiss my face lip balm

Kiss My Face has led the way in the realm of eco-friendly cosmetics and skin care. I first knew the company as one of the leaders in biodegradable shampoo and soap and would purchase those items for camping trips. Then, after learning that they were just plain nice items, I explored their wonderful natural lip balms. Over time, the company has put out increasingly more natural products. They were on of the first on the scene before natural makeup became a sought after item and have grown accordingly as demand for those products has risen.


benefit makeup kit

Aside from having quality cosmetics and interesting items, Benefit Cosmetics is a leader in packaging and marketing. The company in one of the few to package creative palettes and kits that contain not just pressed powder items, but also tubes, pencils, and glosses. They were the first company I ever saw mass market cardboard and magnetic packaging for palettes as well—something that is durable, lightweight, easy to open, and also more eco-friendly. Each package is unique and creatively named, and is distinctively part of the Benefit brand.


chanel nail polish

Chanel is an innovator in luxury cosmetics. As a luxury line, Chanel has led the way in creating quality high-end cosmetics with a wide range of shades and interesting items. In particular, Chanel has been an innovator in luxury level fragrances, something they have always been known for. Chanel also is the leader in high end nail polishes, putting out several limited edition shades each year that are highly sought after and quickly sold out.


America’s first 4G phone is also the first to deliver download speeds up to 10x faster than 3G and be a mobile hotspot for up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices.  Not to mention front and rear-facing cameras and the ability to stream live video to the Web.  And you get access to over 65,000 apps you’ve come to expect from an Android.  So the only question is, what will you do first with EVO? sprint.com/firsts

o “Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sprint via Glam Media”

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Cat Cosmetics Lip Liner

I love this lip liner from Cat Cosmetics. Provided in a neutral shade, buck naked, it is very versatile. It is also just about the best liner I have used. The pencil is creamy, so there is no tugging, it and get this — it is waterproof! It lasts incredibly well.
Wear the Cat Cosmetics liner under your favorite lipsticks with a little gloss for a very comfortable and long wearing look.  This is by far my favorite lip liner. I also reviewed years back on Beauty and Fashion Tech (read Cat Cosmetics review).
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The Best Long Wearing Lipstick

Total Beauty put out this interesting article on long wearing lipsticks. I tend to dislike most of the stain/gloss combos that claim to be long wearing (MAC’s version is the big exception—I love theirs). But I do like some of the more standard lipsticks that wear well, such as Dior. In reality, my best wear often comes from a combo of Cat Cosmetics lip liner and Dior or Laura Geller lipstick with a bit of gloss on top. It won’t last for hours, but it will wear fairly well, and it won’t look awful as it starts to wear off like the stain/gloss long wear combos do!

Find the Perfect Long-Lasting Lipstick

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Find the Perfect Long-Lasting Lipstick

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