How To Apply Lipstick The Simple And Easy Way

Lipstick, lip-gloss, lip balm – ask a girl what she considers must-have items in her bag or makeup kit and chances are she will answer one of the three lip makeup items, and for plenty of good reasons. These simple lip makeup items can have substantial effect on a lady’s appearance and mood. These can brighten the face and give one a more polished look. Whether a woman is out on a date with a significant other, dancing the night away with girlfriends in a club, sealing the deal with a client or just doing some grocery shopping or walking the family’s pooch, the simple and fail-proof tips below on how to apply lipstick will surely be of great help.

applying lipstick

In picking out the right lipstick, an individual must take into consideration the product’s color and finish as well as her the natural shade of her lips and her skin tone. The first step is to start with clean and bare lips. Apply some lip balm or petroleum jelly to moisturize and smoothen the lips and reduce the crevices.

Utilize a lip liner. Most people commit the mistake of using a liner with a color that matches the lipstick. This should not be the case. The liner should match the natural color of the lips. Make small dots at various points on the outline or edge of the lips. Connect the dots by drawing the liner very lightly. A tip for making lipstick last a long time is to use the liner as a base. This is a tried-and-tested technique of a lot of makeup artists.

Apply lipstick with one or two swipes of the lipstick tube. Most users find a lipstick brush to be more effective in terms of cost and more precise for application. Ensure that the lips are coated evenly and see to it that the color reaches all the way to the corner of the lips. The last step is to blot with a facial tissue to even out the texture, soak up excess color and set the stain. As a final touch, some people add a little bit of lip-gloss.

Do not forget to exfoliate the lips once or twice a week. Doing so will reveal plumper and smoother lips. Just run warm water over a soft toothbrush and brush lightly over the lips to scrub away those dry, dead and dull skin cells. A gentle washcloth will also do the trick. Exfoliating is an important part of lip care maintenance which many people neglect to do.


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My Love Affair With Red Lipstick! (By Rachael Sage)

Today day we have a  post from recording artist Rachael Sage! You can learn more about her at


My name is Rachael Sage, and I’m a recording artist, actress & record label-owner.

I love dressing up and wearing wild, sparkly makeup – and I often change my

performance style depending on whether I’m in the mood for sequins, feather boas or

tutus…but one thing I can never do without is red lipstick!

Rachael Sage


I’ve been wearing red lipstick on a daily basis since I was in 7th grade (even though my

parents didn’t know it and I’d put it on once I got to school). Before then, I reveled in

wearing it at ballet recitals, on Halloween, and in grammar school plays where, for some

reason, obscene amounts of makeup were always the norm. My mom wore red lipstick,

Marilyn wore it, Ginger Rogers wore it, all my favorite ballerinas in The New York City

Ballet wore it, and of course, Madonna maintained it as a modern classic; to me it was

always an instant reflection of glamour, sophistication and confidence. Plus, as a pale

Jewish girl with blue eyes and dark hair, I felt that the extra pop of color kept me from

totally disappearing, especially when everyone else but me seemed to have a tan. A

red lip always just felt “right”, and I’ve rarely gone a day without it, even if I’m home by

myself or it’s just me and my engineer in the recording studio.


I may love red lipstick, but I’m definitely not a “makeup snob”. With clothes, I firmly

believe that while luxury brands and designer names have their place and are great for

special occasions if you can afford them, the only thing that really matters is that you

feel great in whatever you’re wearing – even if you bought it at Target or on the street

on St. Mark’s Place (my favorite cheap-o shopping street in NYC). With makeup, my

philosophy is the same; I buy a particular shade of red lipstick when it beckons to me

from the drugstore display, versus when I “need” it. I might go into a Ricky’s Drugstore to

buy some shampoo, but then get sidetracked by the perfect Mattése bright red lipstick,

or be in an airport on tour and go into a shop to buy eyedrops, but end up with a more

exciting new magenta-red shade of Revlon lipstick. I’m not brand-loyal at all, and for me

it all comes down to richness of color and something slightly different in the shade of

red or the level of shine, from others I may already have. I love Wet & Wild as much as

I love Lancome. My mom had very fancy makeup, but it’s just never been a priority for

me. After all, if you can buy 3 slightly different shades of red lipstick for the price of one

fancier, and they all look great on you, what’s the problem? The proof is in the mirror, not

on the price-tag.


Another thing I love to do for live performance is add glitter to my red lipstick, so it has

a slightly different, sparkly hue. If I have a show and I’m wearing purple, I might add a

purple iridescent glitter to just the very center of my lips, or if I’m wearing black, I like

to accent them with a little gold or silver glitter. Last spring I was on tour in the UK and

found a great “edible glitter” from a cupcake shop, and it really sparkles…I use it on my

eyelids too! I saw it on the cupcakes and asked if I could just buy the glitter and not the

baked goods, and even though they’d never done that before, they said yes. When you

love something that might not be for sale, it definitely pays to have “chutzpah” and ask



This year I had the opportunity to attend The Grammys. When I went to pick up my

tickets there was a rep from Smashbox giving away free makeup who asked if I was

an artist and when I said yes, she gave me a whole bunch of amazing samples from

powder to blush and also – woohoo! – a new red lipstick. I’m definitely a fan of the brand

now, and was very happy with the way it lasted throughout the day, especially since I ate

and drank a lot at The Grammys and it was a very long event! Still, I’d never really want

to only wear one kind of red lipstick at the expense of having others in my arsenal. Just

like I wouldn’t want to write only one kind of song; sometimes I want a blue-ish red or an

orange-y red, or a red with a dot of hot-pink glitter in the middle.


Once in a while, a makeup artist or photographer will ask me to consider wearing a

totally nude lip. I used to agree to try it, even though I’ve never liked how any photos

came out with it; I just felt bland and like I disappeared…So these days I really try to

avoid it and speak up and be honest that I’d just prefer to do a bolder lip. For my new

album, “Haunted By You”, however, I really wanted my cover to look like a Victorian

portrait. I was inspired by John Singer Sargent’s “Madame X”, and I knew that to have

that period look, I’d have to blot my lips a lot and go a little more pink than in the past.

As soon as the shoot was over though, I put my own bright red lipstick back on…it’s just

what makes me feel most “me”, and I don’t think that will ever change!

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Five Lipstick Shades To Hasten In The Spring

Here we are in late February and the end of winter is in sight. When the cold has finally worn out of the air and when you finally believe that it is going to start warming up after a frigid winter, one of the best ways to prepare for spring is to consider your lips! Your lipstick allows you to add some fantastic color to the first cool days of spring, and you’ll find that with a little bit of consideration, you are going to be able to change your entire look. Check out these luscious lipsticks to think about as spring moves in. The shades have enough coolness to still be winter friendly shades, but are lively enough to work in early spring as well.


Best Early Spring Lipstick Shades

* Deep Mulberry Purples

When you want to make an evening look pop, don’t be afraid to choose a wonderfully rich deep purple for your outfit. Choosing a purple in the mulberry shade keeps it warm enough to be inviting while still being cool enough to be worn with nearly everything. As an example of this shade, consider NARS ‘Fast Ride,” which gives your lips that deliciously pouty flavor.

* Red Plum Purples

If you are after something more fun and flirty, look for a very reddish purple. A red purple allows you to warm up a rather dull outfit, while giving you some fantastic color to your face. This is a shade that does well on people with very warm skin tones, so if you have a lot of olive or yellow in your skin, this is the lipstick for you. One great choice in the red plummy purples is Clinique’s “Richer Raisin” Chubby Stick. Their Chubby Stick line is loaded with shea butter, which makes this a fantastic choice for keeping your lips soft.

* Raspberry Pink

When you want to call to mind an absolutely delicious color and flavor, consider using a raspberry pink lipstick. Raspberry pink typically needs a warn outfit to go with it, but it is a shade that suits people with most complexions very easily. Another great advantage that comes with wearing raspberry pink lipstick this spring is that it works well for both a nighttime and daytime look. An example of a raspberry pink lipstick that you might enjoy is Bobbi Brown’s soft and lovely Tulle Lip Color.

* Brick Red

Brick red lipstick is the perfect choice for the person who loves vivid colors and isn’t afraid to show it. A vibrant brick red is a color that goes well with very stark outfits. When you have a lot of outfits that utilize the color blocking philosophy, a brick red adds a vibrant flag of color to the finished effect. Take a moment to look at Buxom’s Barcelona Big & Healthy Lip Stick for an example of this color and to see what it can do for you.

* Icy Pink

If you are someone who wears a great deal of monochrome clothing, and especially when you love stark black, choose to offset the severity of your outfit by using an icy pink lipstick. Icy pink is an ideal choice for the last cold days of winter and the first cool days of spring. For a fantastic icy pink lipstick, check out Illamasqua’s Plunge lipstick.

To add a little bit of color and life to your outfit consider some of the hot lipstick shades available. This is the perfect time to revamp you look and to add a splash of color to the way you do things.

Shop for these shades and more at Sephora

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