M.A.C. Creme Team Collection and New Cremesheen Lipglass

MAC cosmetics cream team collection

M.A.C. has just added some shades to their wonderful cremesheen line of lipsticks and added an incredible limited edition cremesheen lipglass gloss formulation. They will be available in early February as part of the CMAC CremeTeam Cremesheen Lipglassream Team Collection.

The new lipstick shades are not surprisingly quite nice, but it is the new lipglass that really shines. I have always been a fan of M.A.C. lipglass for its wonderful range of shades, but unfortunately, the more pigmented versions of it tend to be a bit sticky. Cremeshene lipglass has managed to keep the high amount of pigment, and yet also not be sticky. Instead, it is perfectly glossy smooth.

I was sent one in the shade Petite Indulgence (pictured), and I adore it. The shades in this line are creamy and smooth instead of shimmery. So they give a nice flat, but glossy color.

The creamsheen lipsticks will become part of the permanent collection, but the cremesheen gloss is limited edition and available only through March, 2009.  I’m thinking that I will definitely have to pick up a few more shades of the gloss! Look for them beginning on February 5, 2009

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Sally Hansen Natural Shine Lip Gloss

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Shine Lip Gloss I am so loving the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics line. So much, so that I keep covering it repeatedly. See below for other links. Now I have a new favorite gloss from the line.

The Sally Hansen Natural Shine Lipgloss is creamy, shiny, and not at all sticky. I got the shade Pretty Pink, or at least I think that is what the tiny print says, and I love it. The shade is true to the name. It is very pretty, and pink. There is a bit of shimmer to it as well. This is also a moisturizing gloss, and I have been content wearing it in place of balm.

You can find the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty makeup line at various drugstores, big box retailers, some grocery stores, and at my favorite place for a beauty excursion:

ULTA Beauty.

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Revlon Creme de la Chrome Lipgloss

Revlon Creme de la Chrome Lip GlossRevlon is usually my top recommendation for consistently good drugstore brand lip products. Revlon Creme de la Chrome Liquid Lipcolor is yet another nice offering.

I tried Creme de la Chrome in the shade Plum Appeal, which is a deep plum/red. The shade was a bit dark for my pale skin, but still was quite lovely. In the deep shades, this gloss acts almost as a stain. I found that I could apply it, wipe it off, and be left with nicely stained lips. So that dark shade can work for me after all!

The gloss is high shine with a very nice shimmery, luminous effect. It isn’t frosty or overly shimmery– instead it sort of just glows. I love it and plan to try it out in some lighter shades!

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