Pixi Cosmetics Lip Blush

Pixi Cosmetics a division of Petra Cosmetics, have recently become available in target stores and I grabbed a few items to try. Among them was the interesting Pixi Lip Blush.

Pixi Lip Blush

I label this one interesting because it really is lip stain packaged in a felt tip pen. I tried the shade Youth, which is a lovely light pink. The pen makes application a breeze. Heck, with the fairly pointed tip, you can even line your lips with this thing! I also loved the shade.  A swatch is below:

Pixi Cosmetics Lip Blush Swatch

I found that the lip blush lasted very well, and it worked particularly well as a stain underneath a sheer lip color or gloss.  One other thing of note on the Pixi Lip Blush is that it comes in multiple shades. Many of the popular stains tend to come in one dark rose shade, so having alternatives is rather nice.

Look for Pixi Cosmetics at Target stores or online.

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MAC Strobe Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Tinted  Lip Conditioner M.A.C. Strobe Tinted Lip Conditioner is a re-release of a product M.A.C. put out several years ago. I distinctly remember it, because while I loved the feel of the lip conditioner and the pretty tints that it came in, it had a bit of an off taste for me. Basically, it had that heavy lipstick taste that you sometimes get with cheap brands. So the last time around, I used up the tube that I bought, but kept wishing that M.A.C. would fix taste.

Well, here it is again. So when a couple of samples arrived for me from M.A.C., I quickly opened them up hoping for the same thing as last time minus the odd taste.

It still tastes the same.

Now to be fair, I am not seeing a lot of other people complaining about the taste (but I haven’t really looked very hard either). So maybe it is just me. Other than that, it is a delightful item. It feel nice, it protects and conditions, and the tint is just enough to be seen, but not enough to feel like you just put on a coat of lipstick.

I just wish it tasted better…….

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Tarte Lip Sheer, SPF 15

Tarte Lip sheer SPF 15It is light, sheer, comfortable, and has a great light tint. What could make it even better? How about adding SPF 15! It is the Tarte 24.7 lip sheer SPF 15.

I love tinted lip balms and stains, which is basically what this is. Available in a variety of great shades and enhanced with vitamins A and E.

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