How To Make Lip Color Last Longer

Lipstick is a popular way to alter or update your look easily and inexpensively. The right lip color can convey an attitude of sultriness, innocence, or professionalism. However, one of the biggest problems with lip color is that it tends to wear off quickly. Faded or cracked lip color can look even worse than naked lips, and the worst part is, you may not even realize your color has slipped away before it is too late. Longer-wear lipsticks are now available, but you do not need to spend the extra dollars to ensure your color lasts all day. Simply learn the best way to prepare your lips and apply your lipstick to keep it looking bright and fresh for hours.

Tips For Long Lasting Lipstick

long lasting red lipstick


Step One: Prepare Your Lips

Surely you have noticed that your skin looks clearer and makeup goes on more smoothly when you exfoliate and moisturize regularly. Regular exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells and rough edges, leaving a smooth surface to which makeup can stick more easily. Your lips can be exfoliated in the same way you exfoliate your face, and you will notice you have smoother, plusher lips almost immediately.

To prevent chapping or cracking, you also want to ensure your lips receive adequate moisture. The easiest way to do this is by using a high-quality lip balm after exfoliation but prior to applying lip color. The balm will protect and moisturize your lips and serve as a smooth, even base for your lipstick.

Step Two: Always Use Lip Liner

When you are in a hurry, you may be inclined to skimp on the details. Lip liner is one quick trick you should never skip, however. By applying lip liner in either a neutral tone or a color that matches your preferred lip color, you effectively reign in your lipstick, preventing it from bleeding out into the skin around your mouth. Lip liner also carefully defines the edges of your lips, leading to a complete, polished look once your makeup has been applied. A long wearing liner, such as those from Make Up For Ever, applied all over the lip, will also create a long lasting lip tint.

Step Three: Apply Lipstick in Thin Coats

You should aim to apply two very thin coats of lipstick rather than one very thick coat. Once your lips have been primed and lined, use a lip brush to carefully coat every surface of your lips with color. Allow about one minute for the color to set and dry, and then repeat the process. Two light coats will retain their brightness and color for longer than one heavy coat, which is likely to crack or smear before it can fully set.

Another option is to use a lip stain. Apply a quality stain, such as Benetint, let it dry, and then follow up with one coat of lipstick or gloss over it.

Step Four: Blot Your Color

Using a very thin tissue, carefully blot your lips. Your goal is to remove any excess lipstick, allowing what remains to set and effectively stain your lips. For an even stronger set, dust your lips lightly with translucent face powder through the tissue as you blot. You do not need to blot in between coats, only after the final coat.

Step Five: Add Gloss for Extra Shine

Finally, slick your lips with a clear, high-shine gloss. This will both amplify the color and add an incomparable sparkle and shine to your smile. You can easily re-gloss your lips throughout the day to refresh and enhance your color without needing to reapply lipstick. Pucker up and head out into the world, confident your lips are looking their absolute best.

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Sue Devitt Lip Pencil and Gloss

Sue Devitt is one of those cosmetic companies that can get overlooked, but shouldn’t. The company always has quality items and their lip products are no exception. I recently gave a Sue Devitt Lip Intensifier Pencil in Kirakira and a Sue Devitt Microquatic Lip Enhancing Gloss iconin Telina a try.

Sue Devitt lip gloss Sue Devitt lip pencil

The lip pencil is rather neat and unique. It is thicker than standard pencils, yet not as thick as a lip crayon. It also is on the soft side, but not so soft that lining is difficult. The result is that you can line well with it, but also fill in well with it. The shade is also a good neutral that would wear well across multiple skin shades. Since I like to fill in with liner before putting on other lip products, this one has quickly become a regularly used product for me.

The Sue Devitt gloss is also quite nice. It wears sheer, but is still pretty well pigmented. It is not at all sticky and has just a hint of shimmer to it. Mostly it is all shine. The gloss has a brush applicator. I noticed that the shade Telina on the site and in product photos looks rather Fuchsia, when it actually is a nice light pink. So, I grabbed it and the pencil and made swatches. Those are below.

Sue Devitt lip gloss swatches lip pencil swatch

Comparison Shop for Sue Devitt Cosmetics

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MAC Too Fabulous Collection. New CremeSheen Lip Glass!

The Mac Cosmetics Too Fabulous limited edition collection has some great new shades of MAC CremeSheen Glass .  If you haven’t tried CremeSheen, you should! This highly pigmented gloss wears wonderfully and, unlike some of MAC’s regular lipglasses, it isn’t particularly sticky.  icon


The line also includes some great limited edition MAC Lip Pencils. These are creamy smooth and come in a nice variety of shades.

_6036998iconFor great results, don’t just line your lips. Fill them in entirely with a pencil before applying additional color.

Note: This post is based on products given to me by a representative of the company.

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