Lip Lust Light Up Lip Gloss From Hot Pants Cosmetics

I was sent a Hot Pants Lip Lust gloss to try. It is similar to the Rimmel light up gloss (read review) and Liparazzi gloss (read review) in that it is packaged with a light and a mirror–perfect for application in a dimly lit club! The gloss is advertised as plumping without tingling by including cottonseed oil to fill lines and improve shape. It also has mica in the pigment to create an interesting and rather pretty sparkle.

hot pants lip lust

I tried Lush Lips Rich Mocha shade, which had a strong mocha chocolate scent and flavor. If you like chocolate, you will love this. If not, then you might want to opt for a different shade and flavor. Although quite brown in color, I found the tint to be sheer, so it looked just fine on me, even though I tend to wear pinks and avoid tans and browns.

What really impressed me though was the sparkle and shine. The mica in this gives the gloss a really nice shimmer that is perfect for nights out–something that fits perfectly with the idea of having a light up gloss. The gloss also has a very moisturizing feel to it that is not at all sticky, something that surprised me considering that it has a fairly high amount of pigment, which usually is what makes glosses stick a bit. Overall, it is a big winner in the flavored gloss department for me!

Lip Lust is available on the Hot Pants website for $19.99.

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