Finding The Finest Silver

For thousands of years silver has been part of human civilization around the world. Not only used as jewelry, but kitchenware, weaponry, money and furnishings. Over the centuries, silver has been adapted and changed to suit many different purposes, as well as denoting its regional origins.

silver necklace

Because of these variations, silver grading is essential to identify the various standards that have been in use over the years. As with other precious metals such as gold and platinum, the quality of silver alloy is measured in millesimal fineness. This indicates the percentage of purity in the metal; for example, sterling silver has a millesimal fineness of 925, because it is 92.5% pure silver, with the remaining percentage made up of other metals and impurities.

Here’s a list of some of the various grades of silver, with a little bit of background:

  • 999.9 silver: the purest silver bullion, and used to make the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf – a silver coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint every February.
  • 999 silver: used in silver bullion, this is the closest pure silver available on the open market. Originally used in commerce, 999 silver bullion is now more frequently purchased by collectors or acquired for industrial uses.
  • 980 silver: Back in the 1930′s and 40′s, Mexico experienced something of a boom thanks to the discovery of a rich vein of silver. This silver had only the most minimal impurities, creating the beginnings of a thriving jewelry industry for the country.
  • 958 silver: Also known as Britannia silver, 958 silver was introduced by William III in 1697. Designed as a replacement for 925 Sterling silver, it was far more malleable, making Britannia silver easier to work with. Sterling silver began to re-emerge in the early 1700′s, diminishing Britannia silvers use considerably.
  • 950 silver – 950 silver also goes by the name French 1st Standard. Its purity means that it is still rather too soft for many other purposes than jewelry making and will tarnish easier than Sterling silver.
  • 925 silver – Still a little too soft for industrial and functional use, 925 Sterling silver is often alloyed with copper, although other metals can be used to improve lustre. Primarily used to make 925 silver jewellery, this alloy is perfect for creating stunning pieces of incredible intricacy.
  • 900 silver – While the hallmark for 900 silver is a European standard, it is also known as Coin silver in the US. With a higher level of impurity, this silver is ideal for use in jewelry and coinage, although in North America, the latter used much less silver after the mid-60s.

There are more grades, including 875, 830 and 800 silver. Each of these silver grades have a higher level of impurity, improving the hardness and functionality of the metal. While they have their purposes, it is the fineness of silver that attracts us. There’s an elegance and tastefulness to the look of silver, especially when used to create stunning jewelry.

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Buyer’s Guide to Fine Diamond and Gemstone Rings

When it comes to gemstome and fine diamond rings, it is important that you are a wise buyer. The search for the ideal jewellery depends upon the preference of the purchaser. Fine diamonds are the most popular but gemstone rings are also becoming a fashionable choice.

Fine Diamond Rings

Diamonds are available in a wide variety of forms. When selecting the diamond ring, make sure that it is appropriate for the occasion. A diamond engagement ring is suitable for wedding bands and as promise rings. For elegant look, a three stone diamond ring can be an excellent gift.

Budget should also be considered. Before buying, always evaluate first your own finances to determine how much you can spend. There is an unlimited number of styles for diamond rings. After you have considered the occasion and your budget, you can now look at the appearance of the jewellery.

Size and quality should also be carefully assessed. Some are not comfortable with the weight of diamond jewellery while others will go for low priced rings not knowing that these are low in quality as well.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are a favourite of both men and women. These are very attractive with their colours but that is not the only reason why people like them. Many see them as therapeutic and even have healing effects.

There are two types of gemstones namely precious and semi-precious. The ones that are considered precious include sapphire, ruby, diamond and emerald. It all comes down to the rarity of the stone. Meanwhile, the semi-precious ones include all the other gemstones. However, when used in commercial context, it can be misleading.

As mentioned, gemstone rings are not only beautiful but they also have healing properties as believed by other people. For instance, amethyst which is the semi precious stone is a spiritual stone and can be used for meditation and healing.

When searching for fine diamond and gemstone rings, you will need to think ahead before you buy. If you will be wearing the jewellery on a particular occasion, you should consider the clothes that you will be wearing.

It is also required that you ask questions first. Talk to the seller and ask for advice from your friends. You can also check what the other jewellery lovers are saying from the web. This will give you an idea as to what is in and what is fashionable right now.

Krishna Rae loves exclusive diamond rings collection. She also published a guide on understanding fine diamond rings on another blog.

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5 Essentials of a Great Holiday Look

Looking fabulous this holiday season is easier than you think. Looking phenomenal during the holiday season should not cause any woman more stress in her life. There are five essentials of a great holiday look to take the guesswork out of looking great for the holidays. Looking gorgeous is simple if you pay close attention to these five key areas: The outfit, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, and the make-up.

holiday party look

Get The Best Holiday Look

1. Focus on Your Best Features. Choose a holiday outfit that flatters your best feature and makes you feel dazzling. Don’t worry about sticking to basic reds and greens. A modern holiday look will include basic black, gold, or silver. To make the outfit feel more special, go over the top with sequins, shiny fabrics, or even bold colors. If a short dress isn’t your style, pair a slinky silver top with basic black pants. A flattering neckline on a top or dress can also make an outfit feel special. Make sure the outfit you choose allows you to move since the holidays often mean dancing!

2. It is All About The Heels! When choosing the right holiday shoes, go for height this holiday season. Choose high heels or boots with tall heels to elongate the legs. Look for shoes that will accentuate the outfit you choose. Don’t let your shoes simply blend into the outfit. They should be statements on their own. Shoes should also match or complement the other accessories you choose to wear. The shoes should also be comfortable for all of the holiday parties.

3. Get Out Your Fine or Extra Bold Jewelry. The holiday season is the time to show off your beautiful jewelry. It doesn’t have to be real to shine. Choose jewelry that will complement your overall look. A stunning necklace can polish a simple look. Draw attention to your face with gorgeous earrings. A sparkling ring can make any outfit feel special. Try not to wear so much jewelry that it steals the show. Remember that gold or silver jewelry and diamonds can turn an everyday look into something special for a holiday party.

4. Do Something New. Try something different this holiday season with your hairstyle. If you are wearing a simple outfit, choose a fancy or busy hairstyle to dress up the look. If your holiday look is already over the top or bold, a simpler hairstyle may be chosen to keep the look from going wild. Flawless curls or sleek locks are always in style.

5. Be Brave With Your Makeup.  Never use your normal make-up for a holiday look. Your holiday make-up should be sexier and bolder than your normal and daily make-up look. This is the time to dramatize the eyes with dark shades of eye shadow that scream sultry. Experiment with darker shades of lipstick to accentuate your mouth. Try using a lip liner to pump up the lips for holiday photos.

These five essentials of a great holiday look should help any woman achieve the perfect holiday look. Put these tips to use. Choose shoes, jewelry, hair, and make-up to complement your chosen outfit. Making sure you feel good in the look is the key to making the look work for you.

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