Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2012

Looking to sport the hottest look this New Year? Here are some of the up-and-coming trends in the jewelry industry that are sure to make waves in the following months.

Warm Up the Winter

Sunny yellow gold is making a comeback this year! Heat up what remains of these winter months with pieces that pop with pretty colour, accentuated with huge, bright gemstones like topaz and amethyst. Another popular metal is rose-gold. The exotic, girlish colour of the metal fits spring perfectly.


Cool Blue

Accessorize with a great blue jewel. Choose from vivid coloured gems like aquamarine and topaz, or go with a classic royal blue sapphire. There’s a shade to match every skin tone and every spring outfit you can get your hands on.


Make a Bold Statement

2012 is the year for breaking out the huge bling. Recent trends tended towards conservatism, but all of that’s changing. Big, chunky pieces that stand out are all the rage even on the runways. Mixing stones is okay, too! Don’t be afraid of going over the top. Big cocktail rings, dangling chandelier earrings, a huge statement necklace – you’ll be seeing a lot of these on the red carpet come Oscar season, so why not be a step ahead of the crowd?


Bring Back the 20s!

The upcoming re-adaptation of The Great Gatsby seems to have inspired trendsetters, so expect to see a lot of jewelry that’s a throwback to that time period. Floral motifs abound, designed with an Art Deco feel. Long pearl strands lend a classic, ladylike look. Tassels and fringe were seen all over the Chanel and Louis Vuitton shows, too.


Don’t Mess with the Classics

Indulgence and luxury may be back on the rise, but ‘less is more’ has always been a good adage to follow. Perhaps as a backlash to all the excess, some designers opted for clean, architectural lines to convey understated glamour, even with as little as solitaire diamonds and small hoops. Jewels are an investment after all – may as well acquire pieces that you can wear for a lifetime, not just for right now.


How Do You Know What Fits You?

Fashion trends are determined by those who are not afraid to stand out, but if you are someone who goes with the little black at every party, chances are you also like to play it safe with your accessories. It’s totally okay to play it low, but make sure that your jewelry still gets the attention they deserve. That’s the whole idea after all. Not sure how loud you should go or what goes with which? Take a few minutes to absorb some accessorizing ideas on FTV. Do a quick search on Google for the clothes you like to wear and look at the accessories which usually accompany them. Ask for opinion on style blogs. Most importantly however, you should always listen to yourself! Look in the mirror, if you feel good wearing it then go ahead and do so!



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The 5 Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentines Day

Jewelry is often a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. While jewelry can be a very nice gift, it can also be trite if given with little thought. Jewelry mishaps on Valentine’s Day can be avoided by choosing from these five terrific jewelry gifts.

Valentines Romance

Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentines Day

1) Lockets
A locket is a thoughtful and timeless piece of jewelry. Lockets can be engraved with special sayings and have photographs placed inside. Photos of loved ones or of special memories can be treasured and kept close when inserted in a locket. A heart-shaped locket is a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, however lockets are available in a variety of shapes, materials, and designs. Choose a design suited to your loved one’s taste. A locket is generally a more personal, intimate gift, so you may want to avoid giving one to someone with whom you have a more casual relationship.

2) Watches
A watch is a jewelry gift suitable for men and women alike. Both practical and stylish, a watch can be used year round. Tastes in watches can vary greatly, so if you plan on buying a watch as a gift, you may wish to take your loved one out to shop for one rather than having it be a surprise gift. A gift card to go toward the purchase of a watch is another option.

3) Charm Bracelets
A versatile gift option is a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets can be given to a significant other, but at the same time, they are casual enough that it would not be inappropriate to give one to a close friend. For long-term relationships, consider giving a bracelet with a special charm for the first year of your relationship and add on a charm for every Valentine’s Day after. Choose charms that are meaningful and that match the look of the bracelet. Charms and bracelets come in a wide range of prices, so be sure to select a bracelet in an appropriate range for your budget and relationship.

4) Rings
Rings are often given a sign of promise and commitment. They tend to be a gift of romance rather than one of friendship, so consider your relationship carefully before giving a ring as a gift. A ring can rage from a simple band with an inscription, or something more elaborate with diamonds or other stones.  Gemvara is a particularly good source for custom rings.

5) Stones for Rings
For marriages and committed relationships, consider adding a stone to your loved one’s ring. A stone can be added to a wedding band in commemoration of all the years you have spent together. The addition of a stone should be discussed with your loved one, as they might not want their ring altered in any way. However, if this is something he or she would be interested in, the addition of a stone can be very meaningful.

The bottom line to shopping for a jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day is to follow your instincts and think about what you know about the person you care for. Take their tastes into consideration, and you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

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5 Holiday Makeup Tips for a Party-Perfect Look

‘Tis the season to look fabulous. You’ve chosen the perfect festive outfit and accessories. Now you need the right makeup to finish off your look. These holiday makeup tips will make sure your face is just as beautiful as your ensemble, so get ready to party the night away!

holiday makeup look

1 – Choose a focal point - Before applying any makeup, decide which area of your face will be your focal point. Most women opt for either the eyes or the lips. You don’t want different parts competing for attention, so pick the facial area you like the best.

2 – Smoky eyes are where it’s at - If you’ve chosen to play your eyes up to maximum effect, a smoky eye look is always dramatic and sexy. You don’t have to go with basic black, either — deep violet, charcoal grey and even a rich, chocolate brown can all create a smoldering eye look that complements your eye color. Brown-eyed women may want to showcase their eyes with violet shades, while other women can create knockout baby blues with charcoal grey. Green and hazel eyes will pop with plenty of deep brown color.

3 – Play with lashes - Now is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to eyelashes. Either use a mascara that promises thicker, longer lashes or go for fake ones. Today’s false lashes have come a long way, so application is a breeze. Place lashes only at the corners of your lids for a cat’s eye, come-hither look. You may also want to wear lashes with shiny gemstones embedded on them — you’ll have enviably full lashes and instant sparkle!

4 – Go metallic - If you avoid shine in your daily makeup, the holidays are the perfect time to shine and shine big. Metallic eye shadow, blush and lipstick can all add the right amount of glam; just don’t wear them all at once. Place an icy metallic shadow under your brow-bone as a highlight, or dab just a bit of metallic blush on the top of your cheekbones to make them stand out in a big way. Women with warm complexions will look fabulous in metallics that contain hints of peach, bronze and orange, while cool complexions will shine in silver, blue and lavender metallic makeup.

5 – Glossy lips rule - Create a gorgeous party-ready pout with glossy lip colors. Red, rose and pale pink are all great selections. Forget matte formulas; instead, go for moisturizing colors that last all night. Top with a coat of clear gloss and your lips will be irresistibly kissable.

Use these helpful hints the next time you’re headed to a holiday happening, and create a knockout look that’s the talk of the party!

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