Spring Bling!

With the snow a distant memory and colorful blossoms finally peeking out, that can only mean one thing: It’s time to ditch those heavy winter clothing in favor of cute spring dresses. As with any other outfit, you can give year’s spring gear a fresh look is with the latest jewelry and accessories. The following items are especially hot this spring:

spring fashion print


Give others the impression that you’ve just returned from an African safari by adding a touch of tribal to your style. The tribal look is a hot one for spring, with every designer from Michael Kors to Donna Karan jumping on board. You can easily incorporate tribal into your style by getting a pair of shoes made with natural materials and enhanced with prints. To complete the look, opt for big and bold pieces. The right statement piece can turn a dull outfit into a spectacular display.


Typically associate with the summer months, white has arrived a bit early this year. Ladylike white clutches are especially popular among fashionistas, who love the way this look can be used both in the office and out on the town. White shoes with a demure touch also look great when paired with a classy outfit.


This one is a no brainer. When the flowers bloom in spring, they also make an appearance on both clothing and accessories. Floral diamonds are especially big this year, with rings being the top item. These dainty rings typically feature a thin white gold band with a diamond centerpiece that takes the shape of a small flower. Flowers have also made their way onto costume jewelry and the season’s latest footwear, with several designers using them to adorn high heel shoes.


Dangly Earrings

Take a break from those chunky necklaces and hit up one of the more recent trends in jewelry —

long earrings. This style looks best when the hair is pulled back, making it a great one to pull out on a bad hair day. The great thing about the recently popular dangly earring trend is that the earrings don’t necessarily have to be super expensive. Many of this season’s earrings are made of inexpensive materials, such as plastic, cubic zirconia and rhinestones. For a more regal look, opt for dangly earrings made from sterling silver or 14 karat gold. These earrings look great when enhanced with colorful jewels such as rubies or sapphires.

Following these trends will have you in loop this spring but do you have any styles of your own to share?

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Caring for your Gemstones

Gemstones catch the eye, there’s no doubt about that. A great looking stone can brighten up a day and certainly lighten up a heart. However, just like anything, gemstones can become dirty, with use, or just because they are left lying around. This of course means they have to be cleaned now and again – but how? Well, here’s a guide on how to clean your gems, whether a February birthstone, or otherwise.

polished stones

Photograph by Bin im Garten

Fortunately, in the case of most stones including a February birthstone, it is possible to clean them with some soapy water and a soft brush. Just wipe them off afterwards with a nice soft cloth. If you want a little extra shine, soaking the stone in an alcohol solution for a few seconds can really help. This often brings the shine right back up, allowing you to look great whatever the occasion.


Though diamonds are tough, they’re not impossible to scratch. When storing diamonds keep them away from anything abrasive, or with a sharp edge as it may end up scraping the stone and causing you a lot of disappointment. Rubies and sapphires are also prone to scratches and should also be stored alone and minded in the same manner.

gemstone care


The pearl can last for decades and even hundreds of years – alive. Pearls have a skin which helps them keep their shine, however these are porous and so take in skins oils and other outside factors, such as salts. Though quite strong, they should be kept away from makeup and creams. If they do end up touching such outside factors, wipe them clean with a soft cloth.


This is one of the most susceptible stones to outside factors and should be kept away from direct light for periods, as well as cleaning products. They are also quite sensitive to heat and cold and should never be worn in extreme temperatures. If they do get dirty or tarnished take them to your jeweller and ask for their advice – never clean them with detergent.


Like the emerald, aquamarine is also a very sensitive gem and should not be treated roughly, subjected to changes in temperature, or heat. If it does get dirty you can clean it with a warm water, but don’t rub as this may leave a mark. If in doubt, bring it to your jeweller.


This stone is quite strong, but if it receives a hard bang it may crack or split. It is also quite poor in heat and cold and may be damaged by rapid increases or decreases in temperature. However, it can be cleaned in soapy water, but again should not be rubbed.


This stone is also very common and also very fragile and can break if it is subject to an impact – so take it off before any activities of the sporting, or cleaning nature. It can be cleaned with water, but may be damaged if rubbed.

The best way to keep jewellery is to place it in small bags and place it inside your jewellery box, otherwise it’s prone to breakage – obviously something to be avoided if you have a prized February birthstone, or a beautiful engagement ring.

Amehyst, the February birthstone, Bloodstone and Onyx as well as others not mentioned should all be cared for in a similar manner and if in doubt take them to the professionals.

Parriss Jewellers offer a varied selection of jewellery styles featuring the february birthstone, Amethyst.
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7 Dangerous Fashion Items

Fashion is a part of our lives. We all indulge in a number of practices to help enhance our looks and make us better fits into the society according to the styles and trends which have been most suitable. But have you ever considered how some of these items could actually be putting us in danger? Yes, you heard correct, this article highlights those fashion items which have found their way into our everyday lives but have been causing illness and discomfort to more people than one would have estimated. So read on and understand how your passion for fashion could just become your reason for ailment.

Fashion Items That May Harm You

1. Skinny Jeans:

skinny jeans have been a popular choice among men and women. But what most people have not yet understood are the ill effects of these jeans. While the “painted on” look is highly appreciated, a number of studies have shown that these do affect the digestive system. It has more commonly been called tight pant syndrome. These jeans have also been associated with lower back pains, yeast infections and lesions on the thighs. They might also cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica which has also been called tingling thigh syndrome because of the skin and nervous irritation is can cause.

skinney jeans

2. Heavy Hand Bags:

If you think your hand bag can be used as a carrier for all your basic needs, then you might want to reconsider having such heavy weights hang off your shoulder constantly. The ‘all equipped’ hand bag can be fashionable along with being handy but it can also be the reason for that still back and posture trouble you have been suffering from. It has been noted that very heavy hand bag have been the reason for a bad posture, muscle weakness in the back and it has been able to permanently alter the position and alignment of the backbone.


Heavy Handbag


3. High Heels

:you might be looking to give your height a little boost but that could be the reason for you to be bed ridden for a few weeks at a stretch. That’s correct, high heels could be the reason for a number of injuries to the foot like a sprained ankle, a broken toe, stress fractures and even bunions. Wedge heels would be better than stilettoes because they would give elevation not only to the back, but also to the front half of your foot. So while you might feel like you are flying high, make sure your feet are safely planted on the ground.


High Heels


4. Shape-wear and Pantyhose:

The sexy curves of your body would be beautifully highlight with your favourite shape-wear and your perfect legs would look elegant with your set of pantyhose but it could be the root cause of a yeast infection that you may have developed lately. Also, these fitted clothes can cause nerve compression, along with reducing oxygen and blood supply to parts of the body. Aside from aches that you might suffer because of these if you wear them for a few hours, wearing them regularly can cause irreversible damage.


Female legs


5. Accessories with Nickel:

Nickel allergies are a common problem with a number of people. Rashes, skin irritation and lesions are common symptoms of the same. One might think they do not have much to worry about since they have not suffered from the allergy since birth, but people can develop this allergy almost suddenly, even during adulthood. Thus accessories with even traces of nickel can cause harm to the skin around the accessory, causing a lot of discomfort and hot flushes in the affected area.


Nickle Bracelet

6. Cheap Jewellery

: Fake pearls, diamond rings and silver bracelets have been creeping into our dressing rooms and have fit themselves into a large chunk on our dresser. However it has been seen that these fake products carry very real harmful metals which can cause adverse effects to the wearer. Cadmium, lead and chromium have been widely found to be in the constituents of these articles and have been the main cause for a number of health defects the wearer has suffered, without being able to pinpoint the main cause. So before you walk into stores to buy “junk” jewellery, be warned it is junk in more ways than one.

Cheap Jewelry

7. Coloured Contacts:

Has the twilight series been your point of inspiration as well? Those coloured contacts have seen a boost in the market demand since the movies got launched but a number of wearers have been blissfully unaware of the effects it can have. It is important that you consult your doctor before you decide to wear coloured contacts because they are placed right above the eye and must be properly cleaned and disinfected before use. Without proper cleaning, you could sick dust or even pathogens finding their way into your eye. Also, contacts that are not properly fitted can lead to weaker vision and loss of the same.




Fashion statements may be the loudest these days, but they can also become the most dangerous ones. So before you walk out that door, spend a little more time in front of the dresser and make sure your clothing and accessories are going to respect your health and your body. Be healthy; be fashionable because beauty is natural, before commercial.


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