The 5 Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentines Day

Jewelry is often a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. While jewelry can be a very nice gift, it can also be trite if given with little thought. Jewelry mishaps on Valentine’s Day can be avoided by choosing from these five terrific jewelry gifts.

Valentines Romance

Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentines Day

1) Lockets
A locket is a thoughtful and timeless piece of jewelry. Lockets can be engraved with special sayings and have photographs placed inside. Photos of loved ones or of special memories can be treasured and kept close when inserted in a locket. A heart-shaped locket is a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, however lockets are available in a variety of shapes, materials, and designs. Choose a design suited to your loved one’s taste. A locket is generally a more personal, intimate gift, so you may want to avoid giving one to someone with whom you have a more casual relationship.

2) Watches
A watch is a jewelry gift suitable for men and women alike. Both practical and stylish, a watch can be used year round. Tastes in watches can vary greatly, so if you plan on buying a watch as a gift, you may wish to take your loved one out to shop for one rather than having it be a surprise gift. A gift card to go toward the purchase of a watch is another option.

3) Charm Bracelets
A versatile gift option is a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets can be given to a significant other, but at the same time, they are casual enough that it would not be inappropriate to give one to a close friend. For long-term relationships, consider giving a bracelet with a special charm for the first year of your relationship and add on a charm for every Valentine’s Day after. Choose charms that are meaningful and that match the look of the bracelet. Charms and bracelets come in a wide range of prices, so be sure to select a bracelet in an appropriate range for your budget and relationship.

4) Rings
Rings are often given a sign of promise and commitment. They tend to be a gift of romance rather than one of friendship, so consider your relationship carefully before giving a ring as a gift. A ring can rage from a simple band with an inscription, or something more elaborate with diamonds or other stones.  Gemvara is a particularly good source for custom rings.

5) Stones for Rings
For marriages and committed relationships, consider adding a stone to your loved one’s ring. A stone can be added to a wedding band in commemoration of all the years you have spent together. The addition of a stone should be discussed with your loved one, as they might not want their ring altered in any way. However, if this is something he or she would be interested in, the addition of a stone can be very meaningful.

The bottom line to shopping for a jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day is to follow your instincts and think about what you know about the person you care for. Take their tastes into consideration, and you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

Find excellent custom jewelry at Gemvara

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How To Look Gorgeous This Christmas – Without Spending Too Much Money or Wasting Too Much Time!

Right – so you have finally finished Christmas shopping,  and it might even all be wrapped and secreted around the house away from little prying eyes.  And, if you are an exceptionally clever little so-and-so, you may even have planned out your Christmas Dinner.  So what about you?  When do you fit in time to beautify yourself and feel good about yourself on the day?  Well my friend, I’m going to share a few things that I do in order to make sure I look and feel as good as I can before the in-laws arrive…

holiday beauty

In order to free up as much time as I can, I delegate tasks.  My children set the table the night before, and the whole family help make sure the house is clean.  Guests often take various courses with them, e.g. starters, sweets or cheese and biscuits.  It’s even better if the courses don’t require cooking as that means I don’t have to worry about oven or hob space.  All vegetables and other trimmings are prepared as much as possible the night before.  So, let’s assume all that has been done (oh, if only!) – what now?

First of all, try and squeeze in a hair appointment a few weeks before the big day.   A decent cut (or colour) will make you feel better instantly!  But remember that every woman and her Mother will be making appointments before Christmas so do it now!

I like painting my nails but can’t be bothered with all the waiting around for it to dry.  So I use varnishes that dry within 60 seconds, but I’ll tell you a bit about that later.  Suffice to say, if you want to stick with normal varnish, then paint your nails the day before as you won’t have time the next day!

Christmas Eve
I like to give  my scraggly, dry, laden with split-ends hair a good condition every now and then.  You can buy various pots of intensive conditioner, or even one-treatment sachets, but I prefer to use a good quality conditioner.  I usually wash my hair as usual, then slather with conditioner, wrap in a towel and only rinse it off before I go to bed.  Sometimes however, I leave the conditioner on all night and rinse off in the morning.  You will be gob smacked at how smooth and sleek your hair looks and feels.

If you are anything like me, I like shaved legs – even supposing they never see the light of day!  Make time to remove any unwanted hair – it’s so worth the effort.

I like a bit of colour to my skin and usually slap on a bit of fake tan before I go to bed – it’s lovely waking up in the morning and looking like you’ve had a short break somewhere hot.  Not too much though – orange is definitely not the new black.  And don’t worry about staining your sheets – any decent product will not do that particularly if you put it on an hour or so before you retire.

I would also file and shape my nails before bed in preparation for painting them the next day.

Christmas Day
After you have opened the presents and sipped your champagne (what?  It’s a family tradition – and who am I to break that tradition?), and done whatever you need to do in the kitchen, it’s time to shower and prepare.

Have you tried fake lashes?  If not – you definitely should!  Invest in a reasonably priced pair (maybe a pair over £6) – this may seem pricey but if you are careful, you can use the time and time again (even if they don’t tell you that on the packaging).  Or perhaps Santa could bring you a pair?

Put on your make-up as usual (including mascara) and then prepare the lashes by putting a thin line of glue along the length of the lash, and leave until tacky.  Then whilst looking down into a mirror, carefully press the lash down as near to your natural lash as possible.  Hold in place with a cotton bud or tweezers for a few seconds and voila – gorgeous lashes!  But note, a general rule of thumb is ‘less is more’ – unless you are 15, go for something natural looking, or else you’ll end up looking like a drag queen.  Before bed remove them carefully, then peel off the glue and replace them in their box.

For my hair I would use my wonderful Babyliss Big Hair.  For the uninitiated, it’s a hairdryer with a large revolving brush that creates masses of volume, and there are ionic elements which give your hair a really glossy finish.  I love it!  It’s so easy to use; dry your hair to 80% dry, then section off (with the clips that come with the dryer) and dry with the brush.  You don’t have to be particularly skilful (I’m not) but the end finish is amazing.  You will look like you have just come from a salon.  Finish it off with a light spray of hairspray to hold your style in place.

I would recommend painting your nails with any of the fast-drying varnishes that are available now.  And look for varnishes with extra-wide brushes – you can coat most of your nails with one stroke giving a smooth  and even finish.  Load up your brush (wiping off the excess back into the bottle) and place the brush as near to your cuticle as you can.  Slowly and minimally move the brush from side to side to create a nice sharp top edge, the pull the brush down the length of your nail.  Done.

Now go put something lovely on (and comfortable too – it’s a long day), find your favourite bling, and enjoy your day!

Have a happy – and beautiful! – Christmas!

Jacqueline Leith is a writer and regular blogger for a number of sites, including one that allows you to compare prices.

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5 Hottest Nail Polish Colors this Christmas

With the holiday season well under way, the need for a well manicured set of fingernails is increased. With all of the holiday parties at work, family dinners, and present exchanges with friends coming up, beautiful grooming will be noticed and appreciated. Plus, following some of these hot trends for the winter 2011 season will set you apart.

Red holiday nails


The ombre style is a very versatile one. When done with bold colors, the two tone look can be great fun for a tropical splash look in summer, but can, and should, also be tailored to fit the winter season. A few suggestions on how to make this look work are to choose darker hues, mix and match colors, and be bold. A dark green top with black base looks fantastic on longer nails, as does bright blue with black for a more startling effect.


Classic, elegant, and simple – the manicure version of a beautiful pearl necklace. Nude nails are always in fashion and give the impression of someone who is very conscientious. Nude nails are quite versatile with different fingernail lengths, so they can be worn either long or short. This light, neutral shade is convenient for outfits with more ornamentation, sparkle, or sexiness to them, as the nails will not any way detract from the garment. Neutral nails can also allow for more fun with eye or lip make up choices.


A year round standard with a subtle winter twist. Scarlet hues are very in fashion for nail polish colors this winter and look fabulous on short nails. When worn on long nails the color can be a bit overpowering so be sure to trim up if sporting this look. If wanting to get out of the dark red family, an orange red color can also be worn this season, but again, make sure to keep the fingernail length short to wear it properly.


This nail polish color has been popular all year and will continue to be so during the Christmas season. Taupe looks great on long or short nails so it provides a lot of options for its wearer. Additionally, unlike some of the other color options this season, taupe can be worn in either a glossy or matte form and still be trendy. Much like the family of nude polishes, a taupe manicure allows for more fun with color elsewhere in the outfit.

Deep, Earthy Greens and Blues

For those searching for a traditional dark look for the holidays, there is nothing hotter than the deep colors available in greens and blues. Picking a glossy shade usually helps complete this look as the light will hit the color better than in matte form. The shine also helps to distinguish the green or blue undertone to what at first glance could appear to be just plain black. This look works on short to medium length nails, but is not recommended for long nails as the dark colors can be overwhelming at that length.

Christina is a fashionista for her local shopping center, providing fashion advice and style tips to her clients while they find the right outfit for them. She recommends you use enamel paint on your nails, as it’s hard wearing and can take whatever you throw at it, whether it’s sun, sand, surf or snow this Christmas.

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